Additional 1970 Tracks

Here’s my follow up to the review of each track of McCartney I

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The tracks that received serious finishing were not done at Abbey Road, but were done at Morgan Studios… I am also including down below the PRESS KIT done with the album that caused the entire “Paul quits The Beatles” the following day. Paul himself breaks each song down and adds some insight to each (he DID plan on expanding “The Lovely Linda” and re-recording it at some point). One final photo from the time and now the loose ends that encompass this time frame for Paul.

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1. “Suicide” Written for Frank Sinatra. I have heard a few of the demos he has for this track. One, he plays around a bit, others he records in the style that he sees Frank recording it. When you here THAT version it is a good fit for Frank. When Sinatra got the demo he rejected it outright. Possibly the thought of singing a song called “suicide” turned him off. Would have been interesting to see a Quincy Jones full production with Frank of this song. Not a track that fits in any way (except the snippet of the playing around version after “Glasses.”) on McCartney. Rating – 5

Click to hear demo:

2. “Women Kind” Paul jokes his way thru a silly song, with silly lyrics in a silly voice about the women’s liberation movement. Thank goodness this track was forgotten. Rating – 2.5

3. “Goodbye”. Demo made for Mary Hopkins, who recorded it faithfully with Paul in charge of the production. It would have been a wonderful addition to McCartney, but still became a huge hit for Hopkins. Rating – 8

There was still the chance that The Lads could have reformed in the future if it didn’t involve the entire business aspects of all of their lives. By very late 1970 Paul saw as the only choice he had in the 3 vs 1 fight was to sue the three and Klein to get out of the contract.

It wasn’t right that McCartney made money on “Instant Karma” or “All Things Must Pass.” And the same for Paul’s releases…The bitterness escalated and it wasn’t until years later when Paul won in court, and the other three REALIZED Klein was ripping them off…. “I guess Paul was right….”

To put the other bookmark on 1970’s McCartney I give you the official release of “The Making Of McCartney.”

The Making Of McCartney

Ego’s split the Beatles.

My final input on Paul’s first solo release.
In 1970 Paul released McCartney I in which he plays all the instruments and basically records all by himself in a home studio setting….
And this feat was repeated 10 years later in 1980’s McCartney II. That album closed the book on Wings and saw Paul turn another corner, as McCartney I closed the book on The Beatles.
Three days ago the hints began and they were confirmed yesterday.
McCartney III is coming, as Paul closes the book on the horrid 2020 and hopefully we all can turn the corner on the virus and so many of the problems in this country and the world.
Again, he recorded this by himself at home, this time under the knuckle of self isolation due to the spread of the deadly virus.
It will debut on December 18th and I personally can’t hold back my excitement.

In the next few weeks I will set up 1971’s Ram and then another detailed song by song review of all songs worked on from this period.

In late October 1970 Paul and Linda went to NYC to audition drummers and guitarists for the next batch of song “they” had written. One dramatic thing had changed….. Paul was angry and ready to SHOW THEM All with a record that was the polar opposite of McCartney. It was to be called RAM……

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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