In my excitement I forgot to review this album, a collaboration of Paul’s and Denny’s……

Holly Days (1977)

Paul had just purchased the Buddy Holly music collection and decided to make an album of some of the lesser known songs in which he produces, plays most of the instruments and sung by and assisted at his own Rude Studio by Denny Laine.

Linda helped a bit on keyboards and backing vocals. It was truly a low-fi experience with eight of the ten songs mastered in mono, to recreate the atmosphere that Holly had originally. Paul use the drum machine on many of the tracks and when I listened for the first time back in the day I found myself let down by the potential of this recording. It would be a year before the next Wings album was released and only “Mull of Kintyre/Girls School” single to get me through 1977.

Side one opens up with “Heartbeat,” a song I had heard from Holly before. Denny’s voice is perfect for Holly material, and Paul does add nice backing flourishes now and then. And this song is one of the best at that…..but it opens with that darn drum machine… Are they real steel drums? Set in a lovely reggae style, it is sparse, but in the end Paul joins Denny to give the song some oomph. Rating – 6.5

“Moondreams” A better drum machine, a lovely guitar fill to open by Denny. Lush vocals, with Paul’s bass driving the song, orchestration helping build the tension as the song moves on. Paul joins Denny halfway thru and they help bring the song home. The second single from the album. A music video was made of this. The best song on the album. Rating- 8

“Rave On” Opens with the three doing the first verses with vocals and handclaps. Then the music kicks in and Paul gives it a Beach Boys feel…. Real drumming, more steel drums. Rating – 7

“I’m gonna love you Too” Starts with a slower than usual tempo, led by Denny and Paul. It isn’t bad, it just goes nowhere. Rating – 6

“Fools Paradise”. Another song slowed down, with drum machine. Denny’s double lead vocals are the standout, with the call and response backing vocal by Paul. The best middle eight on the album as Paul make it sound very Beatle like. The 50’s guitar twangs take us to the fade. Rating – 7.5

“Lonesome Tears” Instrumental with that drum machine augmented by Paul playing live. Again, it doesn’t do much besides Denny decent guitar work.
Rating – 5.5

“It’s So Easy/Listen to Me”. A two part song that opens up well with the popular “It’s So Easy.” Again, the tempo is slowed but Denny’s guitar work, Paul’s stand up bass and the vocals are very Wings and the song merges into “Listen to Me.” It takes a weird turn, with a pause and a coda of Linda on Keys and Denny muttering, “Listen, listen, listen to me.” Decent guitar work, but that damn drum machine. The modulated backing vocals fade us out. The first single off of the album. Rating – 6

“Look At Me” A slow builder of a song, which starts bursts into Denny’s best vocals on the album. Did I mention this album uses drum machines too much….
This song has been moving along at a pretty good groove, even getting funky at parts in the instrumental break. Lots of whoops and shouts throughout.
Rating – 7.5

Back Cover

“Take Your Time” Another slow starter that is slower than the original. Drum machine…. Maybe that day someone brought some jazz ciggy’s into the studio because they do a verse in Chipmunks vocals…. And then finish the song with odd chants and more chipmunks, Why? Rating – 4.5

“I’m Looking For Someone To Love”. Instrumental ends the very short album, that does jump and jive and remain jazzy throughout. Very interesting interpretation of a song. It even comes back for a short coda…. Rating – 7

Record Sleeve

The album was a labor of love, but went nowhere on any charts. It is not an official Macca album but it does grade out as as 6.22 out of 10…. Not a must, but only for the this that must have every note.

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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