After PIPES OF PEACE (the end of 1983 into 1984)


The album PIPES OF PEACE was a successful album, sales wise, but not up to the sales of TUG OF WAR. It went to only #15 in the U.S. and #4 in the U.K. It still was a platinum disc, and the single “Pipes Of Peace” did go to #1 in the U.K.

“Pipes,” the single, was only issued as the B-side to “So Bad” in the U.S., which got to #24 on the charts.The reviewers were not kind in its critique of the album, with most giving it 2 or 3 stars out of 5, a major drop from TUG OF WAR. Even as “Say Say Say” was on top of the charts at the end of 1983, Paul returned to the studio on December 11th to record an instrumental track that played out during the credits of his next film project. ———————————————————————————————————————–

Songs that were recorded and considered for either album in that entire 1980-1983 range that didn’t appear on either TUG or PEACE…“Simple As That” The demo was recorded in 1983 and the finished version was released on the 1986 album, THE ANTI-HEROIN PROJECT: IT’S A LIVE-IN WORLD.The song is about making a decision, yes or no, or in this case dead or alive.

I know it isn’t easy to refuse.

A lot of thoughts are flying thru’ your head.

Tell me this before you have to choose.

Would you rather be alive or dead?

It’s as simple as that

Would you rather be alive or dead?

It’s as simple as that, it’s so simple.

I guess this is why this song was selected for this album.The demo is raw with pulsating guitar and Paul on drums, bass and electronics, and has completely different lyrics. The album takes the same basic framework, and slows it with a reggae beat, with the new “decisions lyrics” and now features Linda, and children James, Mary and Stella on backing vocals. Both are interesting variations of the same structure. Rating – 8

“Ode To A Koala Bear” A piano driven mid-tempo rocker that features great vocals by Paul and that Wings like harmony of Linda and Eric. Paul plays fuzz bass in addition to everything. Released as the B-Side of “Say Say Say.” Inspired by one of his children toys, this was also the last song Paul worked on while John was alive. Rating – 7.5

“Christian Bop” Recorded in 1981 and released in 2015 with the deluxe archive edition of PIPES. In bootlegs it has been listed as Christian POP. Parts of the basic melody were incorporated in Paul’s LIVERPOOL ORATORIO (1991). A sprite orchestra driven instrumental. Rating – 7

“Twice In A Lifetime” Another of the piano ballads we talked about in “Through Our Love.” Heavy 80’s production (including the required sax solo on the break), it all sounds nice, but doesn’t stay in your head once it’s done. Rating – 6.25

“We All Stand Together” The title track and central theme from the short animated film, “Rupert and the frog song.” Finally released in 1984 to much acclaim. Started in late 1980 by the last Wings band, a wonderful little children’s song with Paul doing nearly all of the human (an operatic woman sings a line in the middle) and frogs and cats vocals. Aided by a children’s choir, this was issued as single in the U.K. only. Ultra-lush and bombastic at parts (to drive the video) even features Paul on kazoos to simulate bees…. Rating – 7.5

“It’s Not On” Recorded in 1982, in what could have been a continuation of the “average persons” theme. Super interesting song, feature Paul alone, with altered voices, tempo shifts and general weirdness. Wished this could have been included on either of the albums, but finally came out in the 2015 archive set. “Some things, like buttons, are left undone…. It’s not on.” I love this insanity. Rating – 9

The Theme From “The Honorary Consul” John Williams conducted this from the movie of the same name, featuring Richard Gere, Michael Caine and Bob Hopkins. A slow Spanish acoustic guitar driven instrumental melody that could have been written by anyone, except this was written by and heavy promoted as being written by Paul. Rating – 6.25

Meanwhile he continued to record music for his next album, which would be the soundtrack for the film which he wrote, with himself, Linda, Ringo, Tracey Ullman, Bryan Brown staring in, “Give My Regards To Broadstreet.”

Next……. 1984 (not Orwell or Bowie) and film successes and failures.

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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