Paul didn’t spend much time in the recording studio in 2015, instead most was spent touring or working on other projects.

February of that year saw him record a song for his upcoming “High In The Clouds” animated film. This film has yet to come out as of the end of 2021, but is still a viable project which we hope to see in the next year or so.

“I’m getting involved in an animated feature film. That’s my focus at the moment. It’s the same kind of thing, and again I get to write to some sort of specification in my own mind. One of the first things in this film is a female rock star who runs this animal city – it sounds crazy – so I have to write her number. It had to be one in which she gets everyone in her power, so it needed to be a good soul number. I had fun doing that and I’ll be recording that next year with a female singer.”

That singer was “Lady Gaga”, and the session was produced by Greg Kurstin, who would again work with Paul three years after this on his album, EGYPT STATION. So cross your fingers, and maybe someday we will hear/see the results of this. By May of 2015, he announced he had written seven or eight songs for the film.

March 2nd-30th saw Paul and Steve Orchard remixing the 1982 TUG OF WAR album, for its archive release. This is the first of the archives that was totally remixed, rather than remastered.

Besides some studio rehearsals for the Japanese and European legs of the “Out There” tour, that was it.

All of the songs that Paul worked on with others in 2014 came out as singles for Kanye West and Rihanna and The Hollywood Vampires in 2015.

He also contributed to Diana Krall’s WILDFLOWER album, as she recorded his song, “If I Take You Home Tonight.”
The “Out There” tour continued until October 22nd. 2015’s legs consisted of Japan/Korea in April, Europe in May and June, and finishing in the US in June and October.

In addition, Paul and his band headlined The Firefly, Lollapalooza and Rosklide festivals that summer.
October 2nd saw the release of both TUG OF WAR/PIPES OF PEACE album archive sets. Both were issued in various formats and price ranges, with the deluxe versions including DVD’s and books in their box sets. For the first time, a Vinyl exclusive at barnes and Noble was issued.

This would be the start of very limited vinyl releases of McCartney albums, with each variation owning a special color or pattern which is quite maddening and very expensive for Paul fans. There are 50th editions coming out now, half-speed masters of releases which had been archived just in the same last few years.

NEW (from 2014) would come out in 2016 with deluxe vinyl versions, as did 2018’s EGYPT STATION, and 2021’s 3IMAGINED (the follow up to 2020’s McCARTNEY3, just months after their initial release).
“Say Say Say” was reissued as a single in conjunction with the “Pipes” archive.
Beatles related, Paul inducted Ringo into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in February.

He also contributed art work, for the Grammy Signature book auction for MusiCares and a video for Stevie Wonder’s Grammy Salute.

February 22nd saw Paul win Pollstar Concert Industry “Major Tour of The Year” award for 2014.

He received the PRS award on the 50th anniversary of his writing “Yesterday.” Robert Ashcroft CEO, PRS for Music also commented that, “Yesterday is not just an iconic song in Paul’s body of work but an iconic song of the last century. PRS has collected rights for the composition since it was released fifty years ago and in that time it has inspired countless writers, been covered by countless artists and has resonated with musicians, radio broadcasters and the public in a way that goes beyond words. It is this ‘magic’ that PRS wanted to recognize in this unique award.”
He again gave a master class in songwriting at LIPA and attended the graduation ceremony on July 28th.

He protested AGAINST fox hunting, spoke up FOR Meat Free Monday and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day.
He made a cameo on the Netflix BoJack Horseman (season 2, episode 4) animated sitcom on July 17th.

In the episode, Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) throws his wife Diane (Alison Brie) a surprise party, despite the fact that she hates both surprises and parties. The party is immediately ruined after they get into a big fight.
Throughout the episode, it’s hinted that Paul McCartney is hiding inside a giant birthday cake. Throughout the entire episode a potential McCartney appearance is teased, but you don’t think much of it.

Then in the episode’s final moments, long after the party ended, McCartney actually bursts out of the cake, but no no one’s around to see or know he was there.
A handmade Stevenson Brothers rocking horse signed by Paul McCartney was auctioned on eBay, from November 19 to November 29, 2015. It raised £8,300 for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

Paul also contributed to Refugee Auction.

A treasure trove of collectible items gathered from famous musicians, actors and artists for an eBay auction to benefit refugees affected by the brutal Syrian conflict. Bidding was from November 26th to December 6th, with all funds raised going to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  

Paul’s personal donation from included a jewelry box, vinyl, CDs, Linda McCartney poster of The Beatles, and a selection of books.

Linda and Mary McCartney’s “Mother Daughter” photos exhibition was in New York from November 20th till December 6th.

Finally, The Beatles 1 album was re-released as 1+, and included a DVD of all their music video’s.

And really finally The Beatles music catalog was made available on all streaming platforms on December 24th. Merry Christmas and it was about time….

Next, 2016.

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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