BACK IN THE U.S. (2002) & BACK IN THE WORLD (2003)

After the New World Tour of 1993, and the release of the album, PAUL IS LIVE, many things changed in Paul’s life.

We had the release of his first Fireman project (STRAWBERRIES OCEANS SHIPS FOREST) in November of 1993.

Not long after this, with the input of George and Ringo and Yoko, Paul directed his energy from 1994-1996 preparing, and recording and working on The Beatles Anthology project.

They had all agreed in advance to not release any solo materials until the complete roll out of this massive undertaking (which lasted until late October of 1996).

Paul, as always, continued to write, but this time with no pressure to record and release anything in this three year period.

So, the touring and recording band of 1993 effectively ended by these developments.

After finally going back in the studio to record new material, he continued to work with Jeff Lynne and back again with George Martin, and the album FLAMING PIE was released in May of 1997.

Then as Paul began laying all of his new material on tape, another major development. Linda McCartney was diagnosed with breast cancer, and despite every effort that the McCartney’s made she passed on April 17th, 1998.

Linda’s passing and the grieving that followed meant that Paul would not go back on the road to support this album. And he had never toured without Linda on stage since he left The Beatles.

He did a one off show with the musicians that worked with him on 1999’s RUN DEVIL RUN. This excellent album was the therapy he needed to slowly work his way back emotionally to create new music.

Then, even stranger, while continuing to write new music Paul met and fell very quickly in love with Heather Mills, and as quickly they married, and had a daughter together.

Paul in 2001 was still 100% behind the new marriage, and many of the newest songs put to tape were based on his emotional recovery. The album, DRIVING RAIN, was released in November of 2001.

Producer David Kahne was brought in,

This time, Paul was anxious to get back on the road, and feel the love of performing again.

Paul used the youngsters (Abe Laborial Jr., Gabe Dixon and Rusty Anderson) that Kahne had brought into the studio for the record, and replaced Dixon with Brian Ray when live performances were being worked on .

Dixon had his own band and commitments and sadly backed out of the tour, and performing pre-game of the 2002 Super Bowl.

I saw Paul in Fort Lauderdale on May 18th of this tour, and while he was great as always, there was no love for any of the new songs from most of the crowd. Paul had taken better care of his voice, and he sounded better to me in 2002 that he had in 1993. And so it is on the album itself.

Again, looking at the set list, much like the last two major tours. Mostly Beatles songs, his classic hits, and songs from the new album.

Some of the stories now began to be the same, but for someone who loves Paul, this is what you get when you sign up. So was the Driving Rain Tour.

The tour began on April 1, 2002 with the first American leg in Oakland, California. This album chronicled this leg of the tour, which itself would be promoted by another leg in the States. The second American leg was followed by visits to Mexico and Japan. A remix of The Fireman tracks and a performance by Cirque du Soleil opened each show.


Statistical Analysis (U.S.)

# of Songs: 35

Songs of Paul (solo): 9 (25.7%)

Songs of Wings: 6 (17.1%)

Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 20 (57.1%)



“Hello Goodbye”

-After the crowd was treated to the trippy Cirque performers Paul is welcomed with open arms and opens with this Beatles classic. Since Paul still tours with these four amazing musicians to this day, the chemistry was certainly there, and the performances by the band are always top notch and obviously pleases the very demanding McCartney. Wonderful opening and again, Paul is in such good voice, and the band doesn’t miss a phrase or lick from the original vinyl. Rating – 8.5


-A bit of a tough one for Paul, vocally. On the verse he is amazing, but Abe, Brian and Rusty back him, and occasionally save him, perfectly. Wix, as the tour musical director is as good as it gets on filling out the sonic landscape. Rating – 7.5

“All My Loving”

-The only way this could get better would be having the Lads onstage. Fantastic performance that makes you dance, cry and sometimes both at the same time. Rating – 9.5

“Getting Better”

-Paul has us in his fingers and opening chords has us leaping. A first performance of his Beatles song for Paul in concert. An extended ending is created to end the song smoothly, but another home run for the band.

Rating- 9

“Coming Up”

-Funky and fresh, Paul lets loose. Wix creates an entire brass section on the keys and Paul’s bass is top notch. Amazing. Rating – 8.5


“Let Me Roll It”

-Other than maybe wanting to give this song a break, I find this performance as good as he as ever done it. The band helps him vocally every bit as good as Wings in their heyday. I love when Paul sings…. “I want(s) to tell you. Abe drumming on this and everything he has ever done with Paul makes him my favorite drummer of Paul’s. He brings such energy and power and warmth and laughter, and he hits notes a choir boy would envy. Rating – 8.5


“Lonely Road”

-He had us….. and then a new song. It hurt seeing the rush to the johns… but Paul and the band actually play all of the new songs best, as they had just been recorded by them. 20 years on, this song sounds very nice, but back in 2001, it clipped the energy. I dug it… Rating – 7

“Driving Rain”

-I guess Paul figured it was time to knock out the new ones, all in a row.

Rating – 6.5

“Your Loving Flame”

-Another from the new album. We all knew who this song was for… so there was an internal struggle to like it, and for us who couldn’t imagine him singing songs like this to anyone but his Linda. Done as well as possible, but there was a tension in the room that night over Heather. Rating – 6.5



-Solo, with the story of it’s origins. Paul is a tad pitchy, but we didn’t care.

Rating – 7.5

“Every Night”

-Solo, but it could have used Brian on bass and Abe on drums. Still, lovely in its stripped down form, with the crowd clapping and providing a back beat on the chorus. Rating – 8

“We Can Work It Out”

-Solo, with Paul in very strong voice, but I prefer the version with Wix and the band from the 1993 tour. Rating – 8

“Mother Nature’s Son”

-Wix comes out on accordion for this one, and it adds some texture. Another first off live performance of a Beatles song. Paul changes the ending a bit from the recording. Rating – 8

“Vanilla Sky”

-As highlights of the film played on the large monitor, Paul strums his academy award nominated song that not many people really know. A lot of confused looks and trips to…well, you know. Only available on the U.S. version. Rating – 7

(Medley) “You Never Give Me Your Money”/“Carry That Weight”

-Another first time performance from his Beatles cannon…. Paul plays electric piano solo. Earlier in the tour Paul had flubbed the lyrics and so naturally, he repeats it every show. Nice, but I wanted it all….. Rating – 8

“The Fool On The Hill”

-Paul is joined by Wix. Nothing new, but no spinning piano or added spoken parts. Rating – 7

(Acoustic and ukulele)

“Here Today”

-The moment we all waited for day. Clearly touched by the song, this is the first time he did the individual tributes to John, and then George. He voice clearly showed the loved he felt, and tears flowed. Rating – 9


-George had just passed only months prior, but Paul gives a reason to smile and clap along with the ukulele that George had given him. Touching, and without the switch to the electric part on the second half which he would perform at “The Concert For George” and at all shows since then. Rating -9

“Eleanor Rigby”

-Wix string work highlights this one, with Abe adding the high harmonies on the chorus. Paul is on acoustic. Rating – 8

“Here, There And Everywhere”

-Wonderful band harmonies on this one. Wix again on accordion gives this a Italian flair. Rating – 8


“Band On The Run”

-Well done, but Paul struggles a tad when he pushes it vocally. Nothing new here, unless this is your first Paul show. Rating – 7.5

“Back In The U.S.S.R.”

-Another Beatles first time in concert song, and it gives the show a burst of fresh energy. Lots of bopping about and in the aisles. Rating – 8


“Maybe I’m Amazed”

-Excellent version, tons of energy. Brian Ray plays the shit out the bass on this one. Rating – 8.5

“C Moon”

-Not one of my favorite Wings song, but a favorite of Paul’s. Is that Wix on vibes? Rating – 7

“My Love”

-Must have been hard to sing the Linda love songs with Heather in the crowd, but Paul plays what he thinks the audience came to hear. Played a bit harder than any of the other bands, and Paul does a great job re-phrasing some of the lines that maybe would have tripped him up vocally. Rating -8


“Can’t By Me Love”

– A no brainer that again had the crowd leaping and escaping into their Beatles past. On vinyl, Paul is pushed back in the mix, and muddled a bit too much, but maybe this was intentional? Rating – 8


-Even after 9/11, and it’s birth at the “Concert for New York”, the crowd didn’t warm to this track. Only played on the U.S. legs. Never to be his “Imagine,” I think the crowd noise and applause may have been…enhanced? Rating – 6.5


“Live And Let Die”

-He must do this…. The explosions get bigger… Now, Rusty falls over after the lead before the last verse, and Paul acts surprised at the end… every time. Rating – 7.5

“Let It Be”

-We know we are approaching the last laps of the race. Wonderful job by everyone.. Rating – 8

“Hey Jude”

-The sing-along version, at it’s peak. Paul even jumps out front for a while, leading the different parts of the arena. “You were great… were all great.”

Rating – 7

“The Long And Winding Road”

-One final chance for lovers to hold each other, and tears to form at how lucky we were hearing the man who wrote this gem sing it for us. Rating -8

“Lady Madonna”

-The final piano song, performed as well as possible. This band can play… did I mention that? Rating – 7.5


“I Saw Her Standing There”

-Paul encourages ass-shaking, so ass-shaking it was…. Rating – 8

(Acoustic solo)


-Another song Paul can not sing at one of his shows. Rating – 8

(Medley) “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”/“The End”

-One of the ways Paul ends the show. Now he usually performs the second medley from “Abbey Road” and leaves us a tattered mess heading out to the parking lot. Here, it is an excellent ending, as they all take extra turns on their solos and stretch it out. Wix on bass was a surprise, because I never put two and two together on who would play it. On this album, not the best ending of any Paul show (the solo’s were not life-changing) but you know it’s the end so you don’t care what they play as long as they don’t stop. Rating – 7.5


The 2003 European BACK IN THE WORLD album differs in the following:

NO “Vanilla Sky”

Song #20 “Calico Skies”

Song #21 “Michelle”

NO “C Moon” or “Freedom”

Song #23 “Let ‘em In”

Song #27 “She’s Leaving Home”

Statistical Analysis (World)

# of Songs: 36

Songs of Paul (solo): 8 (22.2%)

Songs of Wings: 6 (16.7%)

Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 22 (61.1%)

“Calico Skies”

-Fantastic version, first time performed, for European audiences. Wix on accordion and Its gentle march on the verses give this song a freshness I wish we could have had at our show. Rating – 9


-The crowd goes wild on this fantastic performance by Paul and the band. Wix kept his accordion on and we are glad. Rating – 8.5

“Let ‘em In”

-Not performed since the the 1975-76 Wings over world tour. A nice memory for the European audiences. Wix again, is able to recreate all of the brass. Rusty is given an electric solo to join the brass. Interesting, and Paul sounds great, playing fast and loose on this version. Rating – 8.5

“She’s Leaving Home”

-Another first time performed Beatles song, for the European leg. Great hearing Paul on something new of something old, and songs like this make the show more complete. Take away “C-Moon” AND “Freedom” and “Vanilla Sky” and maybe one or two of the new songs and add these and I would have been in heaven.

Rating – 9


Overall a very enjoyable live album, which ends up with an overall rating of 7.95/10.

Up next… 2009’s “Amoeba’s Secret.”



After the tour of 1989-90 was finished, Paul must really have really enjoyed being on the road, and working with this touring and recording band. They continued working together for the next three years, including the wonderful live performance on 1991’s UNPLUGGED.

I have already reviewed that album (click below to read it)

1991 Unplugged

The band went into the studio in 1992 and recorded Paul’s next solo album, 1993’s OFF THE GROUND. The band had now changed drummers with Blair Cunningham replacing Chris Whitten.

They went on the road to promote the album, calling it the New World Tour. Excerpted from his shows in Australia, as well as from various cities in the United States, it followed the 1989–90 Paul McCartney World Tour/Tripping the Live Fantastic extravaganza by only three years, confounding critics and fans as to its appearance, and some its necessity (although the only song it has in common with Tripping The Live Fantastic is “Live And Let Die“).

As a result, PAUL IS LIVE (released on November 16th, 1993) became McCartney’s lowest-selling live set of his career, peaking at number 34 in the UK and a lowly number 78 in the US.

A concert film subtitled The New World Tour was subsequently released on VHS, and later on DVD. It was directed by Aubrey Powell. The video release includes the controversial pre-concert film, which features vintage footage of the Beatles, solo-era live footage of “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Bluebird” from the Rockshow film, then switches tone by including graphic animal test footage (all of which is underscored by “Live And Let Die” and “Helter Skelter“), and, finally, warmup footage of the band.

The program starts with the warm-up footage, and is played in full at the conclusion of the concert. The packaging included a disclaimer warning regarding the graphic nature of the animal footage.

A wonderful program, sponsored by “Friends Of The Earth” was given to us as we entered. OFF THE GROUND was probably Paul’s most opinionated album, with many songs dealing with animal, people and environmental issues.

Once again, we see the shift in song selections, with the majority now being Beatles songs, and all five of his solo songs were from the current release, OFF THE GROUND, which this band recorded. Not a single track from McCARTNEY, RAM, TUG OF WAR or FLOWERS IN THE DIRT albums.

I saw him and his band on April 14th, 1993 at The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl in Las Vegas, the first stop in the North American leg of the tour. The familiar pattern of it taking a few songs for Paul’s voice to reach “the best it can do point”, like it is today. As long as he can avoid intense screaming vocals, he is still wonderful to listen to. Today, at nearly 80 he still keeps these songs in the original key.

This concert was good, but maybe the worst sounding by Paul overall of the eight I have seen. I believe he still smoked back then, and that certainly didn’t help. The stage and overall performance was wonderful. Paul had the mullet in peak condition, with the wonderful colorful shirts and the personality and charm he has never lost.


Statistical Analysis # of Songs: 24 Songs of Paul (solo): 5 (20.1%) Songs of Wings: 3 (12.5%) Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 11 (45.8%) Songs of Others/The Band: 2 (8.3%) Not Really A Song 1 (4.2%) Unreleased Tracks 2 (8.3%)


“Drive My Car”

-Opening with this Beatles classic was a good choice, and the band is nearly flawless here as always. A very good band. Cunningham, a good drummer, but lacked the overall power of Whitten. Paul needed vocal help from Hamish on this one. Rating – 7

“Let Me Roll It”

-A track Paul seemingly has on each tour, but I don’t think he played the lick which he likes to do on current tours. Linda is really turned down in the mix on nearly all of the tracks. Paul’s vocals are great, as the song is right in his range. Rating -8

“Looking For Changes”

-First of the newer tracks, the controversial anti-animal cruelty song. The crowd was pleasant, but the response was subdued. Paul struggles at times…. Rating – 7

“Peace In The Neighborhood”

-Another new track. More than a few needed a beer or a bathroom break. Played faithfully by the band. Hamish helps out again on certain lines where Paul struggles. Rating – 7.5

“All My Loving”

-This is what many of the fans want each song, those Beatles memories that are turning points in their lives. The first thing most Americans heard from the mop tops on February 7th, 1964, as they opened the Ed Sullivan show with this gem. Rating – 8.5

“Robbie’s Bit” (Thanks Chet)

-Robbie McIntosh again got a moment in the spotlight, with this delightful electric acoustic ditty, while the band quickly refreshed. I think that maybe the crowd noise has been enhanced here and throughout the album. Rating – 7

“Good Rockin’ Tonight”

-A nice zydeco version of the classic that Paul loves. A great one to swing and sway to, and Wix on accordion gave it this needed extra texture. Rating – 8.5

“We Can Work It Out”

-The band had done this one at 1991’s UNPLUGGED and repeat the performance, with Wix staying on accordion. Stuart and McCartney harmonize sweetly on the chorus. Rating – 8.5

“Hope Of Deliverance”

– The first single released off the new album. One that Paul really heavily promoted with music videos, but it was not the smash he had hoped. Very well performed and received by the crowd (of the new songs). Rating – 8


-Fantastic rendition of another Beatles classic, with the song in Paul’s vocal wheelhouse. The crowd, sang, swayed and misted up during this one. Rating – 8.5

“Biker Like An Icon” -Another failed single from the new album. Kind of an odd track to begin with. Played identical to the album version. Another break song for many. Rating – 7

“Here, There And Everywhere”

-One of Paul’s best compositions of his career. Wix is back on accordion. A more gritty version than the 1966 recording, but still touching. Rating -8

“My Love”

-On piano for the next few tracks, Paul is fantastic on this Wings classic from 1973. The band, especially Robbie’s solo, knock it out of the park. Paul now sings “Woooo”, and not “Wo wo wo wo” on the verse. Rating – 8.5

“Magical Mystery Tour”

-A song Paul has used to open up shows on future tours. Like every Beatles track he performs, the crowd is in his hands…. Slightly subdued version compared to the lads. He extends the ending and adds recorded dialog. Rating – 7.5

“C’Mon People”

-Another single from OFF THE GROUND I think Paul and the accountants thought would be a huge hit. A magnificent music video was filmed for this one. Written to be an anthem for the times, it sadly never became that. The band does another great job on this one, coming so close to the powerful album version. Rating – 8

“Lady Madonna” -The asses were shaking on this one, that’s for sure. Rating – 8

“Paperback Writer”

-Another first time Beatles song done in concert. A tough one to do live back in the day, the band does their best to recreate this unusual Beatles single. Paul is back on Hofner bass. Rating – 8

“Penny Lane” -Another new Beatles song done in concert for us… The crowd is now fully engaged. Rating – 8

“Live And Let Die” -The bombastic climax of the show. Since not all of the songs from the show made this album, this is as close to an encore highlight as we will get. Rating – 8

“Kansas City”

-The Beatles used to do this in their concerts, combing it with “Hey Hey.” Here Paul combines more of the original Wilbert Harrison song but also mixed with “Hey Hey.” Paul struggles a bit on the vocals. Rating – 7

“*Welcome To Soundcheck”

-Not really a song…. I guess this is included to ease you into these “bonus tracks..” Crickets and a helicopter sounds….

“*Hotel In Benidorm”

-Unreleased song from a soundcheck. Nothing special here, unless you were invited to watch the soundcheck from near the stage. Rating – 6

“*I Wanna Be Your Man”

-Song written for Ringo back in 1963, and also given to the Rolling Stones to release as a single back in the day. The band roughs it up, and Paul hams it up, giving it an edge, and not the charm of The Beatles version. Rating – 6

“A Fine Day”

-A final soundcheck of an unreleased song. Not a bad song, and I wonder if they ever tried laying it down in the studio? Good playing throughout. It really could have turned into a real jam with each player given time to shine. But only Robbie is given the time to stretch out on lead guitar. And the sound of crickets lead us out. Rating – 7

Overall, this album was a moderate disappointment when I brought it back in the day. Today, remastered, under headphones it rates as a 7.63/10. Hmm…a slightly better rating than I had expected.

The Cover

The album’s title is a response to the “Paul is dead” rumors after the 1969 release of the Beatles’ last studio album, Abbey Road, and the cover of PAUL IS LIVE is a digitally altered version of the 1969 album’s sleeve.

Intentional differences between the two covers are:

1. The infamous “LMW-281F” on the Volkswagen Beetle’s license plate was mis-read as “LMW-28IF”, purportedly meaning that Linda McCartney Weeps and that McCartney would have been 28 if he had lived – is edited to read “51IS”, indicating that he is alive and his age at the time was 51.

2. McCartney is wearing shoes; on Abbey Road he had appeared with bare feet, while the other Beatles had shoes. This mismatch was viewed as an eye catch to the hoax.

3. His left foot is forward. In the original cover, McCartney’s right foot was forward, out of step with the other Beatles.

4. He holds the dog’s leash in his left hand; since he is left-handed, many thought that another clue of the “dead Paul” from Abbey Road was the cigarette he held in his right hand.

5. The police car – said to symbolize the policemen who had been bribed by the other three Beatles to keep quiet about Paul’s death – has been removed.

**The dog appearing on the cover is Arrow, one of the offspring of Martha, the sheepdog that was the inspiration for the title of the song “Martha My Dear“.

**The cover photo is from the Abbey Road cover photoshoot by photographer Iain Macmillan.

There are differences between this and the photograph used for the Abbey Road cover; most notably, the taxi present in the Abbey Road cover photograph does not feature here.

The retouching was done by CGI artist Erwin Keustermans, who erased the Beatles and put in McCartney and the dog, taken from 35 mm pictures by Linda McCartney.

Up next: 2002 and 2003’s BACK IN THE U.S. and BACK IN THE WORLD tour albums.



After Paul was busted going into Japan, he laid low in 1980 and put his next an effort into the home recorded McCARTNEY II. It was not fully appreciated in it’s day, and now is thought of as ahead of it’s time experimental gem, not without faults, but a door opener in low-fi electronic recordings.

Lennon’s death was a crossroads which he could not turn back from.

He began to slowly re-embrace his Beatles roots, working with George and Ringo, and on all Beatles related projects up until this day.

We can see on all future concerts a dramatic shift in his song selections.

While successive tours would most likely support a new solo release, the set lists would become much more Beatles friendly.

Why look at the next live album we are reviewing now…. 3 Wings songs, 9 solo songs (most from the new album) and 15 Beatles songs.

After reuniting with George Martin in 1981, and beginning the next Wings album, he was convinced by Martin to make it a solo album. Wings was history with that decision and TUG OF WAR became the start of the third phase of his solo recording career.

Guest stars and bringing in new/hot producers to enable his visions, and attempts to recapture the mega-sales status of the past while remaining relevant in the contemporary market.

This still holds mostly true, but I think today he is more at peace to create to critical praise and self happiness.

1983 saw PIPES OF PEACE, started from leftovers from previous sessions. Not as well praised, but with big hits and names helping out.

Music videos for TV became the new way to promote, rather than going out on the road. After much success from these two albums on that front, he went full into it with the 1984 BROAD STREET. Not a disaster to watch as a fan, but it was box-office and critic wise, the biggest bomb of his career. Macca Magical Mystery Tour.

He appeared in concert as a one off at 1985’s Live Aid, and was greeted with a sound technical failure that almost made this a nightmare. His 1986 PRESS TO PLAY was ripped by critics, sold less that past albums and forgotten. He still put out singles, now dabbling in remixes and extended plays. His appearance at the Prince’s Trust concert that year was fantastic and had to help heal the wounds of Live Aid.

1987 saw him record, old style “The Russian Album” or CHOBA A CCCP. His love for the songs of his youth was always a healer for Paul, and is reflected on the 1989 tour which spurned this live album.

He began to work with other songwriters in this time period. First Eric Stewart of 10cc, then Elvis Costello. Both collaborations filled me with promise, but both ended quickly and with a bit of mystery as to why….

He took some of the songs he had worked with Costello on and hired a recording band, consisting of Linda, Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Wix Wickens and Chris Whitten.

The album was 1989’s FLOWERS IN THE DIRT, released to much more positive reviews and sales. He decided to take this recording band and make them his touring band.

So they headed out on the road as The Paul McCartney World Tour. Every aspect was ultra modern, from stage to sound to promotion and concept. I saw him on this tour for the second time in Los Angeles on November 23rd, 1989. The night before Stevie Wonder joined him onstage, and Ringo came out for an introduction. This tour stretched into mid-1990 and was captured for this release. Beside the huge full album, a Highlights version was also released on October 29th, 1990.

On this complete album, Paul has included the pre-show chant as a track as well as four soundcheck tracks with two of these pre-show jams and being credited to all five band members.


Statistical Analysis

# of Songs: 37

Songs of Paul (solo): 9 (24.3%)

Songs of Wings: 3 (8.1%)

Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 15 (40.5%)

Songs of Others/The Band: 9 (24.3%)

Not Really A Song 1 (2.7%)



Not really a song so no rating….

There may have been a pre-show film for this one, about Paul’s career.

As the band approaches the stage they warm up and psych themselves up. Many bands circle, pray, harmonize. Nowadays, Paul and touring band sing the “Theme from The Monkees.” But in 1989….. we had this. A knock on the door…. “Showtime…”. The band approaches as the crowd volume raises…. The opening note drone….The giant image of Paul’s Hofner bass fills the screen into…..

“Figure Of Eight”

A song from his current album, FLOWERS played as well as possible. Paul sounds great but we can hear the voice now struggles and squeaks a bit more on the screams. This is life. He still smoked (everything) back then, and and a thirty year career of vocal shredding pays a price. Rating – 7.5


They segue into Wings “Jet,” and again this band is top notch. Wix brings such talent to every track, and besides filling every sound needed he takes the pressure off Linda. Robbie is an outstanding guitarist, and Hamish harmonizes so well with Paul. Paul struggles a tad more on this one. Rating. – 7

“Rough Ride”

Another FLOWERS track. If you had bought the album, and liked it and knew the songs on it, then you hear a wonderful reproduction. I would notice more bathroom and food & drink breaks by this in the crowd during the newer songs….Linda’s “yeahs!” Crack me up. Rating – 7.5

“Got To Get You Into My Life”

Paul teases the Robbie had written this song “that morning..” I’m sure he said this every show…. The first Beatles track and a chance to bop. Hamish really has to help Paul out on the chorus…. I remember being saddened at the time that our Paul was aging. Thirty three years later he still is kicking it…. Rating – 7

“Band On The Run”

Wings signature song, not as an encore, but placed here, early on. Linda’s synth part sounds a bit lean compared to the band. Played fantastically, as are all of the songs here. Paul’s charm and energy before and after each song are what makes you love him, but he struggles on the chorus here. Rating – 7


A Beatles song that he hadn’t done before certainly had the asses shaking. Rating – 7.5

“Ebony And Ivory”

TUG OF WAR hit, with Hamish taking Stevie’s parts and nailing them. The second show at The Forum in L.A. Stevie was brought onstage to sing this with Paul. Rating – 8

“We Got Married”

A FLOWERS track played fantastically, Robbie doing his best to nail David Gilmour’s original 1984 guitar parts, which were kept on the 1989 album. Paul ad-libs “It’s not just a ‘washing machine’ if you don’t work at it. You really hear Wix’s contribution on the band, with a magnificent trumpet solo and strings on his keyboard set-up. Sadly, I watched the crowd rush to pee and eat as it began. Rating – 8.5

“Inner City Madness”

A jam at soundcheck that is filled with odd noises and squeaks and changes in tempo. Is it needed, no, but ok. Rating – 6

“Maybe I’m Amazed”

Paul settles into the large piano for the next two and sounds fine, but struggles on the upper end. The band, musically and vocally are spectacular, on this and EVERY track. Rating – 7.5

“The Long And Winding Road”

Paul takes us back “through the mists of time…to a time they call the 60’s.” Extra long intro and pause before the opening line. Done wonderfully. Funny how Paul now plays it in concert with lush strings and tender horns (Wix and Linda) and this was one of the straws that broke him back in 1969. Hamish and Paul harmonizing on the last verse is a highlight of the album for me. Rating – 8.5

“Cracking Up”

Bo Diddley made this one a hit, and Paul recorded it on the Russian album. Here is just a 50 second snippet of a soundcheck. Rating -7

“The Fool On The Hill”

He dedicates this to George, John and Ringo. On the colorful piano, at the end features the spoken words of Martin Luther King Jr. The piano lights up, rises and spins as Paul offers this song of hope…. Another highlight as Paul stays within his vocal range. Another wonderful harmony segment and finish with Hamish. Rating – 8.5

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Wix samples the opening to the Beatles album and the crowd loves it. They rock it hard, but stay true to the original. All the sound effects are here. The segue into the guitar interplay of “The End” without crediting it, and no lyrics and then return to end “Pepper” properly. A very nice change I didn’t expect. Rating – 8.5

“Can’t Buy Me Love”

Paul asks “if they want to pop, jiggle about a bit or rock out, as this is a good one to do it.” They go in the 1964 classic and it sure is a toe tapper. But I’m not sure about “popping” to it. Rating – 8


Soundcheck of a Carl Perkins song that The Beatles recorded with Ringo handling the lead. But here it is rocked up more than a bit and Hamish handles the main lead, backed by Paul. Rating – 8

“Put It There”

Live, Paul explains the origins of the expression. From FLOWERS. Sadly, another chance for lesser fans to run somewhere. He adds a coda of the coda to “Hello Goodbye.” Other than it fits perfectly, it doesn’t make any sense why? Sort of like now he does “Foxy Lady” at the end of “Helter Skelter.” Rating – 7


Soundtrack that the band is given credit for. A mid-tempo reggae beat on this song of positivity, with only three lines of lyrics…. Rating – 7

“Things We Said Today”

Another new Beatles song he had never done, and it was refreshing. Hamish again jumps in on the chorus much like his old partner. At the end Robbie is given a few minutes to solo with Wix giving him notes to work off of (Hey…. Paul did that on the last song of Egypt Station (“C-Link”) , and it really shows his chops. I imagine everyone ran to the back to get a drink or smoke…. Rating – 8.5

“Eleanor Rigby”

The segue into the REVOLVER classic. Paul slows it down a hair or two, with just Wix on keys, Robbie on acoustic and the band on backing vocals. Linda is way off key as I listen on the headphones. God rest her soul…. Rating – 7

“This One”

From FLOWERS…. Nice drone opening and vocals (kudos again to Hamish) throughout… personal favorite from the album, performed here in loose as a goose fashion. Rating – 8

“My Brave Face”

FLOWERS opening single, the very Beatle like song that everyone expected to top the charts. It did well, but only well. Sounds nice, but lacks the full impact of the studio version. Rating – 7

“Back In The U.S.S.R”

Wix lures us in with the soundbite of the airplanes…. A nice ass-shaking version of The Beatles WHITE ALBUM version. Faithful in all aspects, but at the end Paul scats on the vocals about being ‘back…. I’m back…. etc” Rating – 7.5

“I Saw Her Standing There”

Another one to keep the crowd “popping.” And “popping they-a-was.” The rip this 4/4 standard rocker for all its worth. Hamish’s rhythm track is worth the price of admission. Paul doesn’t overstep his range on this one. Rating – 8.5

“Twenty Flight Rock”

He played this one the 1979 Wings tour, on the Russian album in 1987, and again, this song got him into the Quarrymen. One of Paul’s all-time favorite covers. Great playing and singing by the band. Wix’s piano solo even had my dogs ass shaking. Oh wait, it shakes all of the time… Rating – 8.5

“Coming Up”

The crowd is wild, and Paul makes this one about Chris Whitten who turns the pop-rocker into more of a disco laden tune. Otherwise this one in similar style to the live hit of 1979, with Wix on horns. Hamish and Paul swap lead on a few of the verses… Paul even has Wix pull in a few vocal samples during the extended drum runs. Rating – 7.5


Soundcheck that Paul appears to improv vocally through. Old standard that must have confused the two time he played bits of it in shows…. Rating – 6

“Let It Be”

We knew it was nearing the end. Paul was saving the big guns for the final laps of the show. Done much like the 1979 version and Glyn Johns Beatles mix. Slow and steady until the 1:30 mark, and Whitten’s drums kick in. Solo by Robbie is spot on. Paul effectively vamps on the vocal phrasing…. Rating – 8

“Ain’t That A Shame”

Paul talked about meeting Fats Domino and then used the opening line of the song to finish his story. He recorded this one on The Russian Album in 1987, but thankfully didn’t have echo on his vocals on the two breaks… Very well done…. Rating – 8

“Live And Let Die”

The end is nearing. Paul at the piano, and we waited for the explosions! Now even bigger and better. Paul hangs in there and handles the screams! Rating – 8

The band leaves the stage…. We are happy, but we want more…..

“If I Were Not Upon The Stage”

36 second snippet that is made to fool the crowd to think he is going to sing it…. That zany Paul No Rating

“Hey Jude”

The first time this became a crowd involved version, with Paul asking the various parts of the crowd to sing it (“now the people in the middle…”) and then having them rated by the rest…. Then he would ask just the boys…. Then just the girls…. (“Well you sound so sweet to me…”) While it was very nice to join in and help, I always preferred this sung straight up. They do rock out to the end… leaving us drenched as they leave the stage…. (“You were great…you were great… and YOU were great….”) Rating – 8

We were sure we were going to get encore #2….


It is not a Paul concert without this one, done with Wix providing the string quartet on keys. Paul plays his famous Martin acoustic with the Red Wings logo on it…. Rating – 9

“Get Back”

After encouraging woo-woods they launch into the pedestrian beat of The Beatles classic…. The band is now fully back and they offer the version we now hear, more uptempo and funkier than the lads version. Rating – 8

Paul introduces the band and on the album, his wife in a few languages…

“Golden Slumbers”/“Carry That Weight”/“The End”

Now we get the proper ABBEY ROAD album ending second medley.

Wonderful throughout, and then to have Paul out from behind the piano on Chris Whitten’s solo to pick up his axe and the three guitarists trade back and forth, back to back, front to front…. Until the last note…

Flowers are thrown onstage…

Screams and yells for a third encore we know won’t happen…..

“See you next time”…. And we would. Rating – 9

“Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying”

Not the Gerry and The Pacemakers hit, bit the Ray Charles song of the same name is a final soundcheck tossed on at the end…. I’m not sure why, maybe more bang for our bucks….? This was a 2 CD and 3 LP set on release. Very well done, some of Paul’s best soulful singing here, all things considered. Maybe that’s why! Rating – 8.5

Overall this live album graded out as 7.51/10. The concert itself was more enjoyable by the fact you are actually in the same building as a Beatle that night in your life.

Next…1993’s PAUL IS LIVE.


Wings -Last Flight (unreleased 1979)

After the Wings Over The World tour of 1975-76, Paul was back on top. Rave reviews for the tour, the cover of Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone etc….

The lawsuits and major tension between Paul and his Beatles had ended and all was at the least now civil between the four. This led to many rumors of a possible reunion for gigantic amounts of money.

After needed time off, Paul got the band back together to record his next batch of songs. Since BAND ON THE RUN (Lagos, Nigeria) his wanting to record in odd location continues. He made VENUS AND MARS in Nashville, New Orleans and Los Angeles. SPEED OF SOUND was done in England due to its time restraints.

No world class home studio or private studio as of yet. He decided to record what was to be called “WATER WINGS” on luxury boats in the Virgin Islands.

For a while things went swimmingly (tee-hee) until internal tensions again led to Jimmy and Joe leaving the band. Once again Wings was a trio.

LONDON TOWN was finished by the three in London and released to mixed reviews. Even with the hit singles “London Town” and “With A Little Luck” didn’t help make this one of Paul’s favorites. He released the album and music videos with hardly a mention of his two lost band-mates and has ignored it in his Archive Collections series.

Before recording their next album again he tried to flush out Wings with another lead guitarist (Laurence Juber) and drummer (Steve Holly).

Before this recording Paul had left Capitol records for Columbia in the biggest record royalty deal in the world at that time. There was much promotion by the label and pressure to live up to the monster contract.

They made an album, 1979’s BACK TO THE EGG, and the traditional Wings sound was influenced by the new wave and punk scene that was exploding at the time.

They worked very hard on the recording, making many videos (for a future TV special and promoting it heavily).

The reviews were not good on its release.

Paul is disturbed by negative reviews and he had worked so hard on assembling this 5th incarnation of the band and to see such a poor (compared to his prior sales) public and critical reaction must have deflated him.

Paul has also ignored this album on tour and as well in the Archive Collection (maybe in 2022????).

But Paul had already had started the wheels in motion pre-release to take Wings back on the road, starting in late ’79 in friendly U.K. sites, then kick it up in early 1980 with a tour of Japan, and then probably on to America.

But his heart must not have been fully into it and in retrospect wouldn’t have even began touring to support this album.

But the comfortable U.K. shows (even performing in Liverpool) went as well as possible on the outside, finishing 1979 with a topping the bill performance on New Years Eve at The Concert For The People Of Kampuchea.

After many of these shows, Steve and Laurence would come off, filled with excitement but would see Paul less than pleased by the performances.

McCartney later claimed that the band had not rehearsed enough for the tour and that he had bad feelings about going out on the road like this.


This unreleased album is the complete show from Glasgow. Bootlegs also include the six song Kampuchea performance. They ended that show in gold jackets and some wore top hats with members of the Rockestra band (only Pete Townshend wouldn’t wear one). This would be the final Wings performance.


Paul recorded these shows for another potential live album, but only the song “Coming Up” was released in its day. That live version was released in the summer of 1980, and placed as the b-side of the McCARTNEY II studio version. Ironically the b-side was a bigger hit in the states, the studio version bigger in the U.K.

“Wonderful Christmastime” also was performed by the band. It was released just before the tour, and was credited and done solo by Macca. Ironically, the entire band appear in the music video filmed while they rehearsed for the tour.

Coming into Japan on January 16th, 1980 with NINE ounces of weed led to… well we know what happened.

Paul’s explanation about the weed in his suitcase is bullshit. He claims “maybe subconsciously” he was trying to sabotage the tour… or maybe someone had put the weed in there??? Nonsense…… but Paul and Linda knew better. How much weed can you smoke in a country that had zero tolerance? His fame saved his ass…

The murder of John Lennon in December 1980 eliminated any thought as to a future Beatles reunion (maybe Paul had thoughts about this as tensions has mostly left between he and John) and this bust became the fork in the road for Paul.

He stayed at home and recorded and released the solo McCARTNEY II

Even if the band didn’t officially end until late 1981 (they did rehearse and record bits of TUG OF WAR material before producer Gorge Martin persuaded Paul to make it a solo record) , this was the end of the band.


Statistical Analysis

# of Songs: 22

Songs of Paul (solo): 5 (22.7%)

Songs of Wings: 11 (50%)

Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 4 (18.2%)

Songs of Others: 2 (9.1%)


(Glasgow, Scotland 12/17/79)

“Got To Get You Into My Life”

-Before beginning the tour, Paul wasn’t sure he wanted to bring along the added expense of a small horn section, as he had on the Wings Over The World tour of 1975-76.

Convinced by band members that this would flush and fill out the bands sound, he agreed.

The horn section again consisted of Howie Casey, Thaddeus Richard, Steve Howard and Tony Dorsey.

It’s hard to imagine Wings opening a show with this song, the Beatles classic, that is horn driven, without one.

Certainly Linda’s modest talent on electronic keyboards wouldn’t be able to reproduce the horn sounds that the improved technology and amazing talent of his current keyboardist/musical director Wix does.

Interesting that Wings chose to open their shows with a Beatles song, but this is the slow direction Paul would begin from this point onward.

A sweet Horn intro leads us into the track. Paul is in fine voice, and the band is fine. The drumming is a tad weak. Rating – 8

“Getting Closer”

-The current single from BACK TO THE EGG album, which the band was promoting with the tour. Paul vocals are spot on to the record, even with a tiny bit of squeaking on the scream

Rating – 7

“Every Night”

-Acoustic with a bit of a rock edge with the electric solo and harder drum track. Released on The 1970 McCARTNEY I archive collection as a bonus track, even though it was recorded nine years later. Nice vocals throughout . Rating – 8

Again And Again And Again”

-The second EGG song, the Denny Laine written track. Not a great song to begin with, but played well, as are all the EGG period tracks, still fresh to the band. I always like the outro to this song, and it sounds great here, with Paul letting out some great howls. Rating – 7.5

“I’ve Had Enough”

-From 1978’s LONDON TOWN, which was recorded by just the trio, but oddly featured all of five of the current band in the music video. A simple 4/4 rocker, with the spoken words during the short instrumental quieting, reminiscent of those 50’s rockers.

Rating – 7

“No Words”

-Gem from BAND ON THE RUN, sped up a bit, but features wonderful three part harmony by Paul, Linda and Denny. One of my favorite Wings songs, so it was nice to hear it here.

Paul’s voice is run through a filter on his brief lead vocal. Paul occasionally goes a tad off on the harmonizing, but again, I love this song. Rating – 8

“Cook Of The House”

-Linda’s lead vocal on this SPEED OF SOUND track. Paul describes this song as a rocker. It is as best a “4/4 50’s style shuffle”. Rating – 6

Paul yells nonsense at the crowd periodically when they scream things at him that he can’t understand…Ok…

“Old Siam, Sir”

-Another EGG track, with Linda’s keys not as effective as Paul did on the track. Paul’s vocals are great, squeaky and roaring at the same time. Denny and Lawrence double guitars make this one a rocker, and of course the song speeds up at the outro.

Rating – 8

“Maybe I’m Amazed”

-Another track that made its way on the McCARTNEY I archive release as a bonus track. Paul handles the keys, introduced by Steve. Paul Jokes and leads them into “When The Red Red Robin.” Paul must have done this at each show, as he ALWAYS repeats the same things when he feels they work. This can be jokes, stories, mistakes, etc. Everything is planned…at least from the second time on. The background vocals are nearly non-existent, as compared to OVER AMERICA. The same rock outro that from 1976 tour that is the only WAY he plays it to this day. Rating – 8

“The Fool On The Hill”

-The second piano song. He asks for Woo Hoo’s from the crowd, which he does to this day. Amazing vocals, as if we were listening to MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. The horns play flutes, compare to the recorder Paul used on the studio track. He doesn’t change the outro as he does on all future shows, in which he has added MLK speech, had his piano light up, rise and spin. Instead, a nice simple ending. Rating – 8

“Let It Be”

-Wonderful version, played like the Beatles version with George’s lead guitar solo (handles brilliantly by Juber). Linda has some tasteful organ throughout. Backing vocals are brought up in the mix. Nice. Rating – 8.5

“Hot As Sun”

-The third and final track taken from this song and included as a bonus track on McCARTNEY I archive collection. Instrumental that is given a reggae retrofit with the horns giving it some flair. Why? Rating – 6.5

“Spin It On”

-Paul’s attempt to punk out on this EGG track. He invites any members of the audience to “Pongo” if they want to “Pongo.” This is not his comfort zone, and it falls well short of a home-run. Rating – 6

“Twenty Flight Rock”

-The song that got him invited to join John Lennon’s band back in the day. He loves this song and the band delivers. Rating – 8

“Go Now”

-Before Denny goes into his lead vocals, Paul leads them into “Tip Toe Thru The Tulips” when Laurence says this song inspired him as a kid…

Done very much like the 75-76 version, but a tad faster. Rating – 7.5

The crowd is certainly enjoying the show, and giving much love to the band and the horn section on their introduction.

“Arrow Through Me”

-Another failed single from EGG (there were three). The horns are real on this one, as they were synth’s on the album. A good effort from all but a tough song to do live. Rating – 7

“Wonderful Christmastime”

-Since it was almost Christmas time, they let fake snow fall, and gave it their best shot. Paul introduced it as “their” new single, but we know it was “his” new single. This song makes about $400,000 yearly for Paul’s bank account. He doesn’t bring out a children’s choir, which he will do at future shows, on future tours.

Rating – 6

“Coming Up”

-The b-side hit single Americans listened to as DJ’s turned over the studio version (because the studio version didn’t sound like Paul they said). Paul says the song “may come out next year, if it escapes….” Nice version, which we all know and like, but this crowd didn’t have a clue. The horns again replace all the electronica of the 1980 studio version. Not the final set of lyrics that he used on McCARTNEY II. Rating -8

“Goodnight Tonight”

-The non-album single was the first thing this band recorded together. Paul brings out “ROBO”… the electronic box that gives this disco laden hit it’s familiar beat…. Reproduced as well as possible. Rating – 8


-Paul and the horn section. Outstanding, as always. The crowd is given a verse to sing. Rating – 9

“Mull Of Kintyre”

-Single released prior to LONDON TOWN, recorded by Paul, Denny and Linda. Paul always pulls out the bagpipers when he plays this (usually in Scotland or Canada). Paul offers this as a sing-along….. and the crowd is shocked and delighted when they emerge on cue. I wish I could have seen him do this one once. They are too far off mic to be truly effective on this audio track, but I get it.. Rating – 8

“Band On The Run”

-Let’s end things with Wings most famous track in their catalog….

Chants and clapping to “We want Paul” and “Paul McCartney (clap clap clap clap)” to bring them back out for the encore……. Rating – 7.5

Overall this unreleased album rates as a 7.52/10. A proper release would have been a better mix (this wasn’t bad all things considered).

At the end Paul thanks all and thanks the band, “this is a new band, and I like them….”

Maybe by leaving your stash at home, and letting a roadie score for you discreetly in Japan would have been a better way to show them your thanks…. Just saying…..

Wings….. the last flight. The other side of the mountain for sure, but still a decent show and representation.

Next: 1990’s TRIPPING THE LIVE FANTASTIC. His first touring/recording band in his solo career.



Quite a few things happened between The Live Over Europe 1972 tour and 1976’s WINGS OVER AMERICA album.

The release of RED ROSE SPEEDWAY was cut from a proposed double to a single album. The album became much mellower and commercial with the loss of many of the live tracks and studio versions that they had offered the 1972 European crowds.

They even changed the name to Paul McCartney & Wings on the jacket.

Guitarist Henry McCullough began to lose interest in the musical direction, and after starting rehearsals on the next album, he left the band.

Just before the official recording began, drummer Denny Seiwell left over the money he was being paid.

Paul took it as a challenge and he, Linda and Denny Laine recorded BAND ON THE RUN in Africa and England. Its success led Paul to try to flush out the band in 1974 by adding young Jimmy McCulloch and drummer Geoff Britton. Britton quit after the band had filmed live in the studio, “One Hand Clapping” and the album 1974’s McGEAR, for Pauls brother Michael.

Paul replace Britton with American drummer Joe English and the band recorded the VENUS AND MARS and then prepared for the Wings Over The World tour which would begin in Europe in 1975, come to the U.S.A. in 1976 and then finish late that year in Great Britain.

VENUS AND MARS was recorded specifically for the world tour, and featured prominently in the set list with eight songs, starting with the opening tracks.

The band even recorded another new album during the short break in the tour between Europe and America and quickly released WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND, to coincide with the American leg of the massive tour.

The entire tour was an amazing success and late in 1976 Paul listened to ever second of the American show tapes, and with a bit of “fixing it up” in the studio, they released in December of 1976 the 3 LP set, WINGS OVER AMERICA.

Apparently the record company executives now didn’t have a problem as Wings had reach the nadir of their commercial existence.

-I saw Paul on this for the first time in Uniondale, New York on May 21st, 1976. Amazing….
Statistical Analysis

# of Songs: 30

Songs of Paul (solo): 1 (3.3%)
Songs of Wings: 21 (70%)
Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 5 (16.7%)
Songs of Others: 2 (6.7%)
Unreleased Songs: 1 (3.3%)

(Opening Medley- Bass)
“Venus And Mars”
“Rock Show”
-A wonderful way to start the show. “Venus and Mars” gets the blood boiling as we get to see and hear Paul on an American stage for the first time since 1966. The crowd can barely control themselves, and the band launches into “Rock Show,” a song Paul wrote to describe the intended venues on this tour. The stage is now alive, Paul and the band, including the entire horn section he used on SPEED OF SOUND. Played almost note for note, but for Paul vamping on the vocals, they perfectly segue into “Jet”. By The time the three song medley is done, we are standing, screaming and in the palm of his hand. Rating – 9.5

-Paul does chat between songs a bit, but this has mostly been cut from the album. He used the big heavy Rickenbacker bass and divides the show set into small groups of songs based around the instrument he plays.

“Let Me Roll It” Rating – 8
“Spirit Of Ancient Egypt” Rating – 7.5
“Medicine Jar”. Rating – 7.5

(Piano #1)

“Maybe I’m Amazed”
-A huge response to this one, with a new arrangement that Paul uses to this day. The 1970 album track from McCartney became a hit single from the album. The only song from his “solo” albums. Rating – 9

“Call Me Back Again” Rating – 7.5

“Lady Madonna”
-The first Beatles song written by the band (he still is only performing HIS written Beatles songs at this time). The crowd response is notched up with each of these as we finally hear a Beatles song sung by that Beatle that sang it on release!) Rating – 8.5

“The Long And Winding Road” Rating – 8

“Live And Let Die”
-This was an unexpected thriller, as we had small explosions and a strobe light effect during the instrumental breaks. Not the bombastic production done on all tours after this, and placed early in the set, as it is now usually the set up for the break before the encores! Rating – 9.5

(Acoustic set)
“Picasso’s Last Words” Rating – 7

“Richard Cory”
-Obscure Paulo Simon written song. Maybe “I’ll Follow The Sun” or “Michelle” could have served better. It gave Denny another lead vocal. Rating – 7

-Paul breaks out the electronic drum box. Wonderfully done. Rating – 9

“I’ve Just Seen A Face”

-Sped up version, done more country and western style. It was great to hear it, but would have preferred they did it slower and more like the RUBBER SOUL arrangement. Rating – 7

Overall this segment was wonderful relaxing break to see the band sit on chairs and play for us “backyard style.”

The band leaves for “a break” and we have solo Paul on a stool. This was an amazing moment to lavish him with roars of delight.

(Paul solo acoustic)
“Blackbird” Rating – 9

-On this tour it was placed here, not as a must have encore. This is THE song we had all come to hear, as this was still the golden nugget of his from the days of Fab.

Since no “Hey Jude” at this point in his touring career, this was the apex moment of the show, with the remainder as gravy. Rating – 10.

(Piano #2)
“You Gave Me The Answer”
Rating – 7

“Magnetto And Titanium Man”
-A small screen drops down to reveal the two comic book characters. From row 10, off to the stage right, it was hard to see, as visual effects were still in their infancy. Rating – 7

“Go Now”
-Nice surprise change-up to have Denny sing his big hit from his Moody Blues days, and the band does a great job in making it bigger than the original.
Rating – 8

“My Love”
-Another highlight. Paul does struggle just a hair on the last high note, but the crowd roared their approval anyway. Rating- 9

“Listen To What The Man Said”
-A quicker performed version than the 1975 single, and the horn section on the “sax” solo gave it a slicker feel. Rating – 7.5

“Let ‘Em In”
-One of the two single on the charts during this tour period. It drew a great response, and Denny loved strutting around on stage with his marching band snare drum on his waist. Rating – 8.5

“Time To Hide”
-A song that actually (for me) was better than the album version, as Pauls thumping bass and especially Denny’s harmonica solo really maker this one cook. Rating – 9

“Silly Love Songs”
-The other big hit single at this time, played perfectly. The horn section replicated the studio version to our delight. Rating -8

“Beware My Love”
-Paul’s screamer, but an odd song with it’s tempo changes. Rating – 7

“Letting Go” Rating – 7.5

“Band On The Run”
-Paul saved this one, which was the Wings song that HAD to be heard by the crowd. A bit thinner than the way he plays it now, but we knew we had to give it our all as Paul said this was the last song….. Rating – 8.5

We screamed and chanted his name for a full five minutes to the dark stage…. We knew he was coming back, but the anticipation was amazing…. Here they come!

(Encore- Bass)
“Hi, Hi, Hi”
-Played at too fast a pace for me. I loved the 1972 single very much. But we all shook our bums, as Paul asked us to. Rating – 7

No “Hey Jude” or “Let It Be” or “Get Back” but instead he gave us a trippy unreleased song that for nearly all was still unknown. The use of the lasers and the extended opening was very nice, and the band does a great job, but to end the show on this song was a bit odd. Right? Rating – 8

Overall the album faithfully recreates the atmosphere and vibe associated with this show, which left us all thrilled.

Paul told us that he would “see us next time.” It would be 14 long years, but he came back, and back, and soon, back again.

Overall, WINGS OVER AMERICA rates as 7.53/10.

Next…….. 1979’s Wings LAST FLIGHT (unreleased)




We can look back on the very FIRST post of this page, which showed how Paul had gone from The Beatles to his first solo album, McCARTNEY.

Playing live had always been on Paul’s radar, as a child on up. He and brother Mike, as young teens performed Everly brother songs in a talent contest while on holiday in The Butlins.

When he was asked to join The Quarrymen, their main intent on performing was to “shag” girls.

When The Beatles formed, they played constantly in every form of venue, honing their sound in Germany, and even further in small clubs in Great Britain.

When the band broke worldwide they would come on and play roughly 20 minutes, eventually as quick as possible, due to the inability to be heard due to poor equipment and out of control screaming fans.

They toured the world from 1963-66, with very few days off, of which were usually spent in studios of some sort.

The motivation would be to make money now. But by the last show in S.F. in August of 1966 they had had enough. The world had changed and it had changed them as well. It had become a grind and their music was becoming too complex to duplicate with 1966 equipment.

Paul always missed this live aspect of his career, and when the band hit its rough patch from 1968 onward, he always thought that getting back on the road, would help bring them back together as a unit.

The GET BACK film, showed how great an act they still were, and how they could have had a similar career as bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who, but there was much more than lack of wanting to tour by John and George. By the end, George’s resentments and need to explore a solo career and John’s personal troubles, his relationship with Yoko and MOSTLY, the money issues related to Apple/Allen Klein etc.. was the cause of the split.

But rather than a long break, or allowing each other to explore solo projects while still keeping the band alive, the tensions/lawsuits of the years 1970-1973 made this impossible.

Paul recorded his first solo album, while still in The Beatles. His second was done as a duo with his wife, Linda. He found such comfort in this, that he quickly assembled Wings, and they recorded their debut album even quicker.

The four person Wings then toured out of little vans, driving up and down Britain’s motorways and showing up at University’s and offering to play for a few quid. He had indeed gone back to the very basics.

The next venture was a much more organized tour of Europe in 1972. He hired a second guitarist and bought and fixed up a double deck bus, and loaded band and family and pets inside, and drove from venue to venue, filled by a van of equipment and crew.

It was the height of his hippie period.

The band slowly grew tighter as they played more gigs. Even Linda’s playing and singing improved to acceptable. They started working on songs for the second Wings album as they went out on this modest tour.

We see on the set list, songs that never officially saw the light of day, but the band was working on in the studio.

We can see from the set list as well that Paul completely distanced himself from all his Beatles songs he had either written or co-written. Wings final encore was a cover that The Beatles had done early in their careers.

WINGS OVER EUROPE was never released until the deluxe box set of WILD LIFE/RED ROSE SPEEDWAY came out in December of 2018. It was not issued as a stand alone, but had to be bought with the entire box.

Since there is only fan made bootlegs of the University tour (of very poor quality) this is earliest live album which was remastered from tapes on the soundboard.

Statistical Analysis

# of Songs: 20

Songs of Paul (solo): 3 (15%)

Songs of Wings: 11 (55%)

Songs of Beatles (Lennon/McCartney): 0 (0%)

Songs the Beatles released (cover): 1 (5%)

Songs of Others: 3 (15%)

Unreleased Songs: 2 (10%)


1. “Big Barn Bed”

The opening track of their third album, RED ROSE SPEEDWAY. The band knocks this song out of the park, with the vocals as the highlights. Paul’s bass is deep and driving here and throughout the album. Henry handles the short solos easily. A wonderful way to start the set. Rating – 8.5

2. “Eat At Home”

A track from Paul & Linda’s RAM, with a new pre-song 1 minute intro that pops but offers no clue to the song which it breaks into…. Faithful to the original, but Henry’s solo is a mix of the two on the record, as the second one is cut. Rating – 7.5

3. “Smile Away”

Another rocker from RAM that is performed with slightly less intensity. The band sounds great, but it’s offered at a tad more mellow pace. Great solo by Henry, and Paul’s vocals at the end bring the cows home…. Rating – 8.5

4. “Bip Bop”

A track from WILD LIFE, that comes to life (no pun intended) live. A much better version of a very simple song with two guitarists and an edge the album version lacks. Rating – 8

5. “Mumbo”

Like “Big Bop”, this is another WILDLIFE track that grows some balls live. The jam was the opening track of that album, and here Paul turns it into a shake your ass delight. Rating – 8

Busted in Sweden (but not deterred)

6. “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”

A C&W standard by Bill Monroe that Paul has always loved (He did it as well on UNPLUGGED in 1993). Denny’s harmonica is the highlight. Another decent ass-shaker. Rating – 7.5

7. “1882”

A song intended for the proposed double album RED ROSE, but never released in any form until this box set. A bluesy number with outstanding vocals that gets better with familiarity. Rating – 8.0

8. “I Would Only Smile”

Paul throws Denny a bone here with the Laine penned track. Wings recorded and intended for the double album, but cut when it was cut to one. Rating – 7

9. “Give Ireland Back To The Irish”

The first Wings single, banned for its political content. Faithfully performed, but not the best song to begin with. Rating – 7

10. “The Mess”

Cut also from proposed RED ROSE, but a different live version was issued as the b-side to the “My Love” single in 1973. A very interesting track that features more twists and turns than the roads they traveled on. But to the crowd, they had never heard this song, so they couldn’t react as this was brand new to their ears (like a few of the tracks). Rating – 8

11. “Best Friend”

Another casualty of the RED ROSE reduction, and never released in any form. A simple chug-a-long rocker with decent guitar work by Henry in the intro…. Rating – 7.5

12. “Soily”

Another song cut from RED ROSE and a studio version never released, this song would appear on the 1976 World Tour as the closer of the entire show…. That live version was altered from this version in 1972. This is slowed and has a more pedestrian beat. Rating – 7.0

13. “I Am Your Singer”

From WILD LIFE, it is slowed and the crowd loves it when Linda does her verse. Rating – 7.5

14. “Seaside Woman”

Linda’s first song writing credited to her alone, a reggae bopper that the studio version came out as a single in 1977 and credited as Suzy & The Red Streaks. God bless her, but Paul and the band must work their shaking bums to make this one fly. Rating – 7

15. “Wild Life”

The title track of the first Wings album, this live version is hit out of the park by Paul’s amazing lead vocals and outstanding backing. Rating – 8

16. “My Love”

The first “slow one” that was still a work in progress at this point, but mostly as we know the 1973 single. Linda response on the verse was eliminated on the studio track, for the better. Not a bad version, all in all. Rating – 7.5

17. “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

The third Wings single of 1972, and reproduced faithfully here. Rating – 6.5

18. “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Paul turns this tender ballad into a rocker, and it delivers on every level. Paul changed the way he performed this live, as heard on the WINGS OVER AMERICA album, and while it still is an amazing song, this version is the best live version I have ever heard. Rating – 9

19. “Hi Hi Hi”

Wings second single form 1972, also banned for sexual content, this is a much slower deliberate version than either the single, or any future live version, and features a different intro as well. It rocks, yes, but not off the walls. Rating – 7.5

20. “Long Tall Sally”

The only slight hint at anything Beatles, as they recorded and released this in 1964 on BEATLES FOR SALE and was a staple of Paul’s in their concerts.

Here, the fans were finally given something to link the man on stage to the icon he was with his former band. Paul gives it all to close the shows only encore and it leaves you wanting much more Rating – 8.5


Overall 1972’s WINGS OVER EUROPE live album grades out as 7.7/10. This album is an important aspect of this time in Paul’s career. This first version of Wings could rock and was not just a singles pop band.

Next…. December of 1976 and WINGS OVER AMERICA album, songs from the 1975-76 world tour.


2022 and looking ahead

After another incredible year filled with events we have waited our lives for, 2022 came…

The Get Back- Rooftop Concert premiered in select IMAX theaters on January 30th.

The 50th anniversary of the debut album of Wings “WILD LIFE” was remastered at half speed and released on February 4th. Where is that credit card????

The DVD/Blu-Ray of Peter Jackson’s Get Back was supposed too drop on February 8th, but was delayed by production issues…

February 11-13th The Beatles Rooftop Concert was shown globally at select theaters, and a state of art remixed audio available for free streaming online.

Paul announces the start of his first tour in almost three years.

With the vaccines available to those who chose to take, it appears the summer of ’22 may finally see more normalcy in our outdoor lives.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he said. “So another me takes over: Professional Performing Paul—the triple ‘P’!” If the question is “Why do you keep at it?,” the answer is plain: “I plan to continue living. That’s the central idea.” -Paul

Following more than a year of speculation, Paul McCartney on February 18th announced the GOT BACK Tour, a 13-city return to U.S. stages, kicking off April 28 with Paul’s first ever show in Spokane WA and running through to June 16 in East Rutherford NJ, where Paul will play Met Life Stadium for the first time since 2016.

I’m sure if things go well…. This tour will extend…


Things we WILL and things we can MAYBE look forward to happening this year.

From March 18 of this year until March of 2023 “The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be” will be exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

-Fans will experience The Beatles’ creative journey through the exhibit’s original instruments, clothing, and handwritten lyrics used by The Beatles and seen in the film, including items loaned directly by Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and the estates of George Harrison and John Lennon.

The exhibit will feature high-definition film clips, audio, and custom projections, transporting fans into The Beatles’ vibrant world of January 1969.

Some of the exhibit’s unique items include:

Paul McCartney’s black and gray shirt that was worn in the studio and handwritten lyrics for “I’ve Got A Feeling.”

Ringo Starr’s maple Ludwig drum kit and his borrowed red raincoat from the rooftop performance.

John Lennon’s iconic eyeglasses, Wrangler jacket, an Epiphone electric guitar, and handwritten lyrics for “Dig A Pony.”

George Harrison’s pink pinstripe suit and handwritten lyrics for “I Me Mine.”

Fans will also enjoy audio engineer, producer, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Glyn Johns’ record acetate from the sessions and iconic photography by Linda McCartney and by Ethan Russell, who documented the band’s January 1969 rehearsals, sessions, and rooftop performance, and whose photos are featured in the Let It Be album art.

Like Jackson’s “Get Back” docuseries, the exhibit shows how The Beatles composed and recorded many of their iconic songs from scratch. The exhibit’s three screening rooms feature a selection of footage from each location from the docuseries: Twickenham, Apple Studios, and the Apple Corps rooftop.

The footage from the recording sessions and conversations turn the clock back to 1969, showing the intimacy, joyousness, and humor as The Beatles write and record songs for Let It Be and some songs featured on Abbey Road and future solo albums.

? “High In The Clouds” animated movie on Netflix.

? “It’s A Wonderful Life” musical.

? The Charlie Lightening Documentary

? The Single recorded with Andrew Watt in 2021 (or maybe a new album to tour with later this year)

? Mary McCartney’s Abbey Road documentary

? Another archive collection release

(Maybe finally “LONDON TOWN/BACK TO THE EGG” era. These are the only Wings albums not dealt with. I must remember to start selling my blood and body parts to be able to afford the various formats this will bring!

Well……. This is it. February 27th. I woke, and have all the memories and all the content, and I will embrace all things Paul/Fabs until the day my eyes close forever……

In 2023, if life works out, we will be back to recap 2022 and start our next phase of McCartney’s life. The live albums, the alternative albums and his classical material.

Thank you to everyone that has spent any time reading and remembering these memories the last 18 months. It was healing for me during stressful times.

Stay safe and healthy and remember, that Paul’s message was always in his songs and continue savoring A Life Through The Eyes Of Paul McCartney.


RAM ON (2021)

Denny Seiwell’s tribute to Ram, on the year of it’s 50th anniversary.

Denny Seiwell, the drummer on Paul & Linda McCartney’s 1971 album “Ram“, co-produced a tribute album to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release.

Original guitarist David Spinozza returned to reprise his parts on the album along with Marvin Stamm who played the flugelhorn on “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”. In total, over 100 musicians contributed to this album.

The album was released on May 14, 2021, the same day as the official 50th anniversary half-speed remastered vinyl.

Released on Cherry Red Records: Ram On is a 50th Anniversary re-imagining of Paul and Linda McCartney’s seminal “Ram” album.

It was co-produced by multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo and Denny Seiwell, original drummer on “Ram” in 1971.

The album also features re-created original ‘Ram’ session tracks in the Non-Album Single, ‘Another Day’ and its B-Side, ‘Oh Woman Oh Why’.
Denny Seiwell: “Fernando called me up and he said “Do you know it’s 50th anniversary of Ram? Let’s do the whole album!”.

I said, “Well, yeah, I think so, but before we do anything let me call Paul, let me see how he feels about that”.

So I called Paul and he said “Yeah, go ahead, have fun”. So it seemed we got his blessing and then I talked to his people at MPL [McCartney Productions Limited] in New York to make sure that we didn’t, you know, crush anything that he was planning and that [there were] no conflicts of interest.”

I’m sorry I forgot to mention this in 2021 Paul post, but this is a delightful album, made with care, love and talent.

Give it a listen and Ram On.



In 2021 Michael Buble recorded his version of Macca’s “My Valentine.”

It will be released on his album “HIGHER,” on March 25th, 2022.

On March 18th, a sequel to Paul McCartney’s first picture book for children, “Hey Grandude!” released in September 2019, was announced. Named “Grandude’s Green Submarine“, it would be released on November 30, 2021.

Paul said: “I’m really happy with how ‘Hey Grandude!’ was received as this was a very personal story for me, celebrating Grandudes everywhere and their relationships and adventures with their grandchildren. I love that it has become a book read to grandkids at bedtime all around the world. I always said if people liked the first book and there was an appetite for more I would write some further adventures for Grandude – so he’s back and this time with his special invention, Grandude’s green submarine!” It was available as an audio book (read by Paul) as well as hardback.

In April Paul had recording session with Andre Watt.

“ I am in Los Angeles. I just started doing a little bit of work. I met the producer, Andrew Watt. Have you heard of Andrew? I just met him.

My manager said “you might like to go say hello and meet him”. So I went around for a cup of tea, and of course we ended up making a track.. So that’s, that’s great fun…. And I actually started off saying “sometimes it’s great to experiment with a chord you don’t even know”. I say, “a crazy chord like …” and I did this chord and I thought “Oh, that’s really crazy”.

But I messed around with it a little bit. And it resolved itself into a less crazy one, and it’s just the opening sequence in a little thing. So then, we started and I said “well, should we put this down?” And that was fatal.

And then, Yeah, how about some drums… It was very nice. And so I’m hoping to kind of finish that up today, or near enough finish it. So that’s quite nice. It’s the theme of the tune was… Sometimes an image will come into your mind. And I remember when I was a kid, where we used to live, there was blocks of flats where people lived, and I remember walking by this one (where) I knew this girl lived… And her light was on, so I could kind of see her silhouette in the window. So I always thought, wow… I mean, I suppose that makes me a voyeur.

But there’s something kind of romantic about it. So I just started the song with that thought, like, ‘I walk by your house and I see your silhouette on the blind.’ And then try to develop it. ‘Do I ever cross your mind?’” – Paul

On April 16th, the album, III IMAGINED, was released.


McCartney III Imagined, a mixture of covers and remixes of 2020’s McCARTNEY III is released on digital and streaming platforms, with CD and vinyl formats made available for pre-order.

Personally curated by Paul, McCartney III Imagined features an A-List assortment of friends, fans and brand new acquaintances, each covering and/or re-imagining their favorite McCartney III moments in their own signature styles.

It was available in the following formats:

2LP Translucent Deep Blue Vinyl

2LP Spotify Exclusive Vinyl

2LP Silver Vinyl

2LP Red Vinyl

2LP Black Vinyl

2LP Limited Exclusive Violet Vinyl

2LP Limited Exclusive Splatter Vinyl

2LP Gold Vinyl

2LP Exclusive Pink Vinyl

2LP Dark Green Transparent Vinyl

Indie Smoky Tint Cassette

Limited Pink Cassette

Limited Edition Dice, Notebook & CD Box-set

Target Exclusive CD

Standard CD release

Time for another bank loan for the completists.

May 14th saw the release of the half-speed mastering of 1971’s RAM on its 50th anniversary.

On June 24th, A new plant based cookbook by Linda McCartney, with Paul, Mary and Stella was released.

“Years ago, before anyone had woken up to the idea of environmental and health and animal welfare issues, Linda was blazing the trail with vegetarianism, telling people about it and promoting it. At home, she would cook for the family and these recipes have been now brought up to date for a modern audience, so they’re all now plant-based and fabulous. In the book there are family photographs and stories from those days, and of course lots of great, beautiful tasting healthy recipes. So I hope this book inspires conversations about sustainability and about modern living amongst people besides also just giving them some great recipes to eat.” – Paul

June 30th saw “Paul” released.

Art book publisher Taschen published “Paul”, a photography book featuring images of Paul McCartney taken by photojournalist Harry Benson. The book is limited to 700 copies :

Paul. Art Edition No. 1–50 ‘A Hard Day’s Night, 1964’ – Edition of 50 – Art Edition (No. 1–50), each numbered and signed by Harry Benson and accompanied by the signed print A Hard Day’s Night, 1964. Cost: 3000 British pounds.

Paul. Art Edition No. 51–100 ‘Wings Backstage, 1976’ – Edition of 50 – Art Edition (No. 51–100), each numbered and signed by Harry Benson and accompanied by the signed print Wings Backstage, 1976. Cost: 3000 British Pounds.

Paul – Edition of 600 – Collector’s Edition (No. 101–700), each numbered and signed by Harry Benson. Cost: 600 British Pounds.

“Paul” was an intimate look at one of the greatest music legends of all time, by an iconic photojournalist. From the delirium of the Beatles’ 1964 U.S. tour to the heady, shaggy days of WINGS in the 1970s and the quiet idyll of life on the family farm in the early 1990s, “Paul” traces the evolution of a pop superstar and of the man himself through more than 100 photographs, many never seen before.

“McCartney 3,2,1” is a 2021 documentary miniseries starring Paul McCartney and producer Rick Rubin. The six-part series features the pair discussing Paul’s career, from The Beatles and Wings to his time as a solo artist.

On this day, July 16, 2021, it was digitally released in the US by Hulu streaming platform. It would be released in UK / Europe by Disney+ on August 25, 2021.

From McCartney 3,2,1 Paul McCartney sits down for a rare, in-depth, one on one with legendary producer Rick Rubin to discuss his groundbreaking work with The Beatles, the emblematic 70s arena rock of Wings and his 50 years and counting as a solo artist. In this six-episode series that explores music and creativity in a unique and revelatory manner, join Paul and Rick for an intimate conversation about the songwriting, influences, and personal relationships that informed the iconic songs that have served as the soundtracks of our lives.

Paul entertained daughter Stella on her 50th birthday on September 18th.

Former Oasis front man Noel Gallagher: “I ended up on stage with the great Paul McCartney playing the song Birthday and then segued into I Saw Her Standing There. It wasn’t like I was there and they pulled me out of the crowd like a surprise. I was asked a couple of weeks up front. I performed, I did some of my stuff, and then someone said, ‘We’ll get you up on stage with my dad.’ And I said, ‘F***ing yes!’ It was quite the night and, as you can imagine, for a chap like me it was quite the moment.”

The “Let It Be” album was remixed to honor its 50th anniversary. It was released on October 12th.

October 22nd saw the limited re-release of McCARTNEY III in Yellow and Black Splatter.

There were only 3,333 copies of this new yellow & black McCartney III splatter vinyl! Pressed by Third Man Records and made from recycled McCartney & McCartney II records, was available exclusively at indie record stores.

October 30th had Paul inducting the Foo Fighters into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After their speeches, the band returned to the stage, where Paul joined them for a show-closing cover of the Beatles’ “Get Back”.

Paul’s induction speech:

“When they asked me to do a speech, they said, “Do you want to have the auto cue?” I said, “No, I’m good. I’ll look at the paper.” But I’ve been seeing everyone do these amazing speeches, I’m beginning to think I should have taken the auto cue. But I didn’t, so here it goes.

OK, so me, a teenage kid in Liverpool, just an ordinary kid going to school like everybody else; and then one day, I heard some music and I fell into rock & roll. It just happened.

One day. Suddenly, the world changed, and I just fell, like, through a hole in time. And suddenly, I was in rock & roll. By the same time in his life, Dave did the same kind of thing. You know, he’s just an ordinary, kind of goofy kid.

And same thing happens, he falls through the same hole, and he’s in rock & roll and it’s gonna be his life. It’s gonna take over everything. And nothing was every the same again.

It’s so magical. Everyone who knows, everyone who’s connected with it, everyone who loves rock & roll. It really is a magical thing that contains so many elements – like all of the people we’ve heard tonight. I mean, it’s just unbelievable.

So I feel super privileged to be here tonight, inducting these guys.

So when that happened, and I fell into rock & roll, I joined a group. My group was the Beatles. Like I say, the world changed. Dave did a similar kind of thing. He joined a group, Nirvana. We had a great time with our groups, but eventually tragedy happened and my group broke up. Same happened with Dave. His group broke up under tragic circumstances.

So the question is, what do you do now? We both were presented with that question. In my case, I said, “Well, I’ll make an album where I play all the instruments myself.” So I did that. Dave’s group broke up, what’s he do? He makes an album where he plays all the instruments himself. Do you think this guy’s stalking me?

Anyway, so me, I’m gonna name my new group, and I call them Wings. So Dave’s got the same problem, and he’s got to think of a name for the group, so he comes up with “Foo Fighters.”

So now the group is formed. It’s ready to take flight. It’s Dave, Taylor [Hawkins], Nate [Mendel], Pat [Smear], Chris [Shiflett], and Rami [Jaffee] – all the members of the Foo Fighters. So here they are tonight.

I was just saying to them in the dressing room, “Guys, this is it. You’re here in Cleveland, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And tonight, you’re gonna be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” I mean, it’s not just any Hall of Fame — it’s the fucking Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. OK, now they’re gonna show a little film, and this film shows the reasons why this band is one of the greatest rock & roll bands in the world. OK, let’s roll the film.”

On November 2nd, a new book entitled “The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present” was published. First announced in February 2021, it covers Paul McCartney’s early Liverpool days, the Beatles, Wings, and solo careers, by pairing the lyrics of 154 of his songs with first-person commentaries of the circumstances in which they were written, the people and places that inspired them, and what he thinks of them now.

In this book, with unparalleled candor, Paul McCartney recounts his life and art through the prism of 154 songs from all stages of his career – from his earliest boyhood compositions through the legendary decade of The Beatles, to Wings and his solo albums to the present.

Arranged alphabetically to provide a kaleidoscopic rather than chronological account, it establishes definitive texts of the songs’ lyrics for the first time and describes the circumstances in which they were written, the people and places that inspired them, and what he thinks of them now.

Presented with this is a treasure trove of material from McCartney’s personal archive – drafts, letters, photographs – never seen before, which make this also a unique visual record of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

“The Beatles – Get Back” movie, announced in January 2019, head now morphed into a 3 part 6-hour documentary series and was released on the Disney+ streaming platform in November 2021. A companion book of the same name was issue to accompany the viewer.

December brought with it “Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool” book. Acclaimed photographer Mike, brother of Paul, published a new book of photography about Liverpool in the 60s and 70s. Paul McCartney and the Beatles are well represented in this book, with previously unpublished photographs.

Collector Copies are numbered 351 to 2,000, signed by Mike McCartney and include a stamped 8″x10″ (200mm x 254mm) print.

The release is limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide, each signed by Mike.

Quarter bound in black cloth, the Collector cover features an original stencil by McCartney, created for a poster advertising an early Beatles gig at the Casbah, rendered in gold foil blocking. The Collector copies also include a double-sided 8″x10″ print (200mm x 254mm).

On the front, a Kodachrome color photograph captures John, Paul and George playing as the Quarrymen at a McCartney family celebration in 1958. A friend of the family, Dennis Littler, appears at the right of the frame.

On the reverse, Mike McCartney is pictured with Dennis more than 50 years later, in 2012. The print is numbered, stamped, and is suitable for framing.

The Collector copies are housed in an archival slipcase screen-printed with a montage of photographs and original artwork.

Next: catching Paul up to date in 2022….

Coming in 2023…. reviewing all the live album,

Alternative albums (Fireman, Twin Freaks, III Imagined etc..)

Classical albums.


The Rest of 2020

In addition to the release of McCARTNEY III on December 18th, and the year spent recording and preparing the rollout of this second straight #1 album, Paul also saw in 2020…….

April 11th saw handwritten lyrics of Paul’s “Hey Jude” sell for $910,000 at auction.

On April 18, 2020, Paul’s 1st solo album, McCARTNEY, received a special 50th anniversary release in a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing for Record Store Day.

On May 18th two versions of “Angel in Disguise“, the unreleased song written by Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney in 1991 were auctioned by Omega Auctions, and sold for £8,000 (below the £10,000 – £20,000 estimation).

One of the versions is a rough demo with the vocals sung by McCartney; the other one is a mixed version featuring other musicians & backing vocals, and Ringo Starr’s vocals.

Those versions are a cassette tape which was owned by Radio Luxembourg DJ Tony Prince. At the time in the nineties, he was asked to find artists to record alternative versions of the song, after Ringo Starr rejected the track.

June 12th had the announcement of the 13th archive release from Paul, his 1997 “FLAMING PIE.”

The achieve was available in many formats including

A numbered, limited seven-disc (5CD/2DVD) Deluxe Edition Box Set comprised of the original album remastered at Abbey Road Studios, 32 bonus audio tracks including unheard home recordings and demos, alternative studio recordings, rough mixes and B-sides including selections from Oobu Joobu parts 1-6, Flaming Pie At The Mill CD (Paul’s hour-long tour of his studio), video content including the In The World Tonight documentary, original music videos, EPKs, interviews, performances and behind-the-scenes material, a 128-page book containing previously unpublished images by Linda McCartney, expanded album artwork from the archives and the story behind the album written by Chris Heath – including track-by-track information, recipes and new interviews with Paul, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller and key album personnel, studio notes, handwritten lyrics, the 1997 Flaming Pie issue of Club Sandwich, the official newspaper of the Paul McCartney Fan Club, downloadable 24bit 96kHz HD audio, and more…

A 4LP/5CD/2DVD Collector’s Edition — strictly limited to 3,000 numbered copies issued in a cloth wrapped two-piece collector’s box —featured everything in the Deluxe Edition plus a marbled art print portfolio of six silkscreened Linda McCartney art prints, exclusive vinyl versions of the remastered album cut at half speed across 2LPs in an exclusive gatefold sleeve, an LP of home recordings in a hand-stamped white label sleeve, and “The Ballad of the Skeletons” – Paul’s 1996 collaboration with Allen Ginsberg, also featuring Philip Glass and Lenny Kaye – released for the first time on vinyl and cut at 45 RPM with vinyl etching and poster.

Additional Flaming Pie Archive Collection formats included…

2CD (remastered album + 21 tracks of bonus audio).

2LP (remastered album cut at half speed across two 180g LPs in gate-fold sleeve with booklet).

3LP (remastered album cut at half speed across two 180g LPs in gate-fold sleeve with booklet, plus single 180g LP of unreleased home recordings in hand-stamped white label sleeve both housed in a slipcase).

The release was also available on streaming platforms. All of these available formats were released on July 31st.

On November 8th the restored “Rupert And The Frog Song” video and audio was released. It was restored in 4K and the official music video for “We All Stand Together” was also remastered and upgraded to HD, and released at the same time.

On December 16th, two days before the release of his “McCartney III” album, Paul announced an upcoming documentary made with legendary producer Rick Rubin.

The official announcement would come in May 2021, and the documentary would be given a name (“McCartney 3,2,1“) and a July 16th, 2021 release date.

December 19th saw BBC1 broadcast an interview of Paul with famed actor Idris Elba. The promotion continued as Paul and Idris spent the 60 minutes discussing all things Paul.

December 20th had filmmaker Peter Jackson release an exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” for fans everywhere to enjoy.

The 5-minute special look was available to fans worldwide on and streaming on Disney+. 

Jackson said, “We wanted to give the fans of The Beatles all over the world a holiday treat, so we put together this five-minute sneak peek at our upcoming theatrical film ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ We hope it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and some much-needed joy at this difficult time.”

Paul also did an an interview on December 20th with CBS Sunday Morning TV show, and an interview on the Zane Lowe Show and The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on December 21st.

The same day saw an online listening party for III on Twitter.

Finally, a chat on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything on December 23rd).

Then to wake up on Christmas morning, the 78 year old musical icon opened up the news of the album going #1 in the U.K.

Not a bad year, in a very bad year.