The album that was Paul’s next official release, the soundtrack of the film, which included the music as it was in the film, including dialog from the film itself rather than a faking it completely on camera after recording it proper in a studio. So this is very authentic and every sounds really nice, as usual.

Just one major issue…To factor these songs it was rather amazing that so many Beatles songs would be done, and released in a film this way, as complete remakes, nearly identical to The Beatles, and he also does songs he had just released on record. Filming began in very late 1982 and Paul’s latest album out at the time has two songs in the film. Interesting……and not in a good way.

The cover is a black background with a pasting of a “worried and thinking” Paul….where did the tapes go?? A image of Harry, the suspected roadie who had the tapes when they went missing. For no reason the big blue box holding the tapes has an outer glow and inside even more. An obvious nod to their value, a-la diamonds or precious metals that have had the same effect in films and television. The opened case with glowing inside.

The album

“No More Lonely Nights” This tender ballad features Paul on Paino and vocals, joined by Eric Stewart and Linda on backing vocals. Herbie Flowers handles the bass, Stuart Elliot does a good Ringo sound on drums, Ann Dudley on synthesizers and the best part of the song, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame on electric lead. His fill lines and two solos make this song very very special. One of the last great singles.

Would have been a record breaker if released at his peak popularity period, but this was approaching the middle of a difficult period of not any major success, and with failures happening in this period. It is a song that can’t be improved on. Rating – 9.0

“Good Day Sunshine” It was a great song back in 1966, it still is a good song, and this exact as possible re-recording of it sounds really good here, I just didn’t need this. Rating – 6A full soundtrack of new and great songs, with a better conceptualized theme and maybe this film could have worked.(Maybe the tug and pipes singles videos could have been held back and involved and allowed Paul to remain in various characters in shorter roles..)“Yesterday” Another spot on remake with a larger horn section and no strings. Not needed. Rating – 6

“Here, There and Everywhere” See “yesterday.” Rating – 6

“Wanderlust” Needed less that The Beatles tracks. Hate the 80’s drum sound. Rating – 5

“Ballroom Dancing” Goes well with the films dance hall, band in blue and fight/dance choreography. An extra verse has been put in. Ringo’s sad drumming continues. He is lifeless. Rating – 5

“Silly Love Songs/Reprise”. Awful remake of this song in the worst 1980’s wash of production. Rating – 4

“Not Such A Bad Boy” One of the two new songs. This is kind of a rocker, but doesn’t move me in the least. Rating – 5.5

“So Bad” Another unneeded song from an album less than a year old, and not a big hit. Rating – 5

“No Values” Second new track, not nearly as bad as “Bad Boy” but sounds like it was recorded in a garage. And not in a good way. It just doesn’t move me at all. When it shows some life, he ends it… Rating – 6

“For No One” Remake with string quartet while Ringo still looks for those sticks…. Why not something new? Rating – 6

“Eleanor Rigby”. Paul looks and sounds great. A slightly different arrangement of the original. Rating – 6

Paul daydreams into “Eleanor’s Dream” Interesting variation of the original. It is the first time many of us hear Paul in this setting. He had released the two themes in his life so far, from “THE FAMILY WAY” and “THE HONORARY CONSUL.”The film get wacky and all over the place with the vintage dream but his first dabbling into classical for me. Rating – 8

“The Long And Winding Road” Paul takes his gentle piano ballad he and George Martin drown it in a wash of 80’s saxes and too much percussion and too quick. Rating – 5

“No More Lonely Nights” (play-out version)They take a great piano song and make it a extended mix dance track. Bad idea. Rating – 4

“Goodnight Princess” Sweet 1930’s style final song of the night played by the band. Rating – 7

Wow, I really didn’t seem to like it. It rates out as 5.91/10

One of our lowest rated album, so far.

Next, songs given away and 1985…..

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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