The second session for what would become the next album took place from January 2nd-21st of 1988. Paul worked on four new songs, to go with the two started in December of the previous year.

Session number three continued in March, where Elvis and Paul recorded their versions of the demos of the songs they had written together. They laid down nine songs. These demos finally saw the light of day when the Archive Collection of the album came out in 2017.

Session number four started in April and running thru July featured most of the b-sides and bonus tracks, also two more songs that ended up on solo Linda’s album after her death, the demo for “Don’t Break The Promises,” (which 10cc would record and release).

On May 9th he recorded a song with Johnny Cash, that he wrote a few years earlier on a visit to Cash’s home in Jamaica.

Cash and fellow musician Tom T Hall showed up in Paul’s studio and together they modified the song, “New Moon Over Jamaica,” so they all got writing credits.

Linda and Tom T. sang backing vocals and Paul Played bass. Chris Whitten (played with Paul on CHOBBA B CCCP) played drums, and for the first time we see the name of Hamish Stuart (Average White Band) on guitar. These two would help form Paul’s next touring and recording band.

“New Moon Over Jamaica” Paul’s solo demo was written with a reggae beat. It is not much of a memorable song, but the final version Cash released on his album (in slow C&W style) is just dull.

Paul takes lead on a verse but even he can’t bring much life to this dud.

The harmonies of Paul and Cash just don’t work for me. Rating – 4.5

Paul took a month or so off then went into his home studio to lay down the ideas he was having.

Songs attempted included such titles as “Motor Of Love” (released in 1989), “Mambo Me Baby,” “Grand Entrance,” “So Long Blacky,” (what the ???) and odd bits such as “Guitar Fuzz Riff,” “Heraldic Fanfare,” “Current Affairs,” “James and Dad Jam,” “Come Back,” “Weird Drama Oscillator” and “Riff Matick.”

None of the songs besides “Motor” have seen the light of day.

From September thru November, Paul and his new Recording band, which now included lead guitarist Robbie McIntosh (The Pretenders), began overdubbing and mixing finished tracks for the next album.

The working with Costello had quickly ended, with no album coming out of it, as Elvis had envisioned.

Their relationship has still been good over the years since, but they have never created as a team since.

One thing, Costello persuaded Paul to dust off the old Hofner violin shaped bass of Beatles fame and use it in the studio. He did and plays only it in concert since then.

On a more personal note in 1988, Paul and Linda appeared on the British sit-com, “Bread.”

Les Paul gave Paul a custom-made Les Paul light.

Paul won the Silver Clef Award, and he also received an honorary doctorate from the University Sussex and finally “Yesterday” earned BMI’s million-air award, for radio air play.

On November 9th, Paul ventured into new territory by recording two new tracks that fall under the Classical style of music. “A Leaf” and “Spiral” were recorded, a sign of things to come in the next decade for Paul.

We finish 1988 off with another Buddy Holly week, Paul playing on and producing with the original Crickets on a song called “T-Shirt.”

1989 came, and Paul began the year how he finished 1988. Working on the new album.

1989 would bring Paul into many more living rooms, and on many concert stages with all these newly recorded songs.

It was to be called a comeback year for McCartney. Next…

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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