After releasing the two live albums in 2002 and 2003, Paul continued to write, record and release albums, start many different solo projects in addition to regular touring.

He also dealt with personal changes within his life.

After his marriage to Heather Mills went south, he released and toured promoting both CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACKYARD (2005) and MEMORY ALMOST FULL (2007) and ELECTRIC ARGUMENTS (2008).

He toured in the summer of 2004, the US Tour in 2005 (I saw him in Miami), and the Secret Tour of 2007.

This album is part of The Summer Live ’09 tour.

The New York Mets had destroyed their previous stadium (Shea Stadium), which Paul helped Billy Joel fantastic “Last Play At Shea”close out concert. They had replaced it on the same site with the beautiful new Citi Field.

This album is drawn from the three shows he did there on July 17th, 18th or 21st. I saw him on the 18th of July, and remains the only McCartney show with an opening act (The Killers).

I saw Paul again in 2011 at the “new” Yankee Stadium,

Then once more in Tampa Bay in 2017 at Amalie Arena.

But for me, I love Paul, but it has gotten way too expensive for me to get good seats and the set list has not changed enough to justify the money. He tours to this day (having a magnificent Get Back 2022 tour of America and headlining Glastonbury festival). And at 80 years of age… not slowing a bit. He is a miracle.

But no more live releases after this.

So after this review we will go into… Alternative releases. Starting with 1974’s film “One Hand Clapping.”
It’s live, never been properly released, but an important part of Wings, thee third phase.

Statistical Analysis (U.S.)

of Songs: 33

Songs of Paul (solo): 7 (21.2%)
Songs of Wings: 6 (18.2%)
Songs of Beatles: 18 (54.5%)
Songs of Others: 2 (6.1%)

“Drive My Car”
-3rd time on live release. A favorite of Paul’s to open shows. The sound is fine, this band is slicker than oil.
Rating – 8

-6th time on live release. And in its usual spot at the #2 song. I don’t know if its the mix (I’m under headphones and listening to the CD) but the guitars, drums and even the crowd sound odd to me. Rating – 7

“Only Mama Knows”
-3rd time on live release. Paul was touring mostly on The Fireman’s ELECTRIC ARGUMENTS album, but he did play a few other new solo, this from MEMORY. Paul and the band sound great, as usual. Rating – 8

“Flaming Pie”
-1st time on live release. This was a breath of fresh air.

Let me have at a 33 song set list for Paul’s show and this would be more like it.

Paul still rocks hard on this one, and the altered ending is better than the album fade. Rating – 8.5

“Got To Get You Into My Life”
-3rd time on live release.
Another fresher Beatles song we hadn’t heard in 20 years. Paul still needs help on the chorus, but not as much as the 1989 tour. Bet you the asses were “a popping.” Rating – 8

“Let Me Roll It”
-5th time on live release.
Another that has racked up enough miles. Paul likes to play it to show off the Lennon like riff. But Paul only plays it on the non-singing verses, then Robbie takes over. We loved it back in 1976…. Rating – 6.5

-1st time on live release.
Underrated song from ARGUMENTS. The band plays it well, but a definitive lack of response from the crowd. Rating – 7.5

“The Long And Winding Road”
-4th time on live release.
I love this song, but maybe “She’s Leaving Home” or “Tomorrow” or something new…. Rating – 7

“My Love”
-4th time on live release. A tad rough.
See above.. Rating – 7

-4th time on live release.
See above. The story… How about “I Will” or “I’m Carrying”? Rating – 7

“Here Today”
-2nd time on live release.
It’s impossible to top AMEOBA. Paul was touched, since this is NYC, where John lived and was murdered, so it came off well. Rating – 8

“Dance Tonight”
-2nd time on live release.
I like this silly simple song, and it’s another bum shaker…. Still sounded fresh. Rating – 8

“Calico Skies”
-2nd time on live release.
Great song, played well, with great visuals on stage. More of a group rally feel than sadder solo acoustic on the album. Rating – 8

“Mrs. Vanderbilt”
-1st time live release.
Another highlight… a Wings song never played live before and they have a blast, turning a jungle like romp of the album into a soviet like dance party. Rating – 8.5

“Eleanor Rigby”
-3rd time live release.
Classic Beatles track that has lovers holding each other, and everyone appreciated this one. The crowd always helps out on the chorus. Rating -8

“Sing The Changes”
-1st time live release.
Another first timer of a great track from ARGUMENTS that too many in the crowd didn’t get or know about . Fantastic version. Rating -8.5

“Band On The Run”
-5th time live release.
Another song I have always loved, but for me, it’s not one I go to hear anymore. Nice. Rating – 7.5

“Back In The U.S.S.R.”
-3rd times live release.
Maybe he should have followed with “Mrs. Vanderbilt.” Done very well, with Rusty the highlight hidden in the mix. Rating – 8

“I’m Down”
-1st time live release.
This was Paul’s signature closing songs at Beatles concerts from 1965-66. He would let loose on the vocals, and John would go wild on the organ. The band, and Paul do a great job with this. Paul still takes the vocals 5 miles above the speed limit! Rating – 8.5

-3rd time live release.
Love this like I love “Here Today” but there must be another song to give this segment life for the old fans. Still, lovely. Rating – 8.5

“I’ve Got A Feeling”
-1st time live release.
Love how Paul still does this song to the day. He has re-fallen in love with this one, and is a centerpiece to the show and now includes JOHN singing his own parts instead of Rusty. But for its day., it was exciting an a new fresh Beatles track heard live for the first time. Rating – 8

“Paperback Writer”
-2nd time live release.
Another fresher Beatles track that worked. Still a tough song to pull off live. Rating – 8

“A Day In The Life”/“Give Peace A Chance”
-1st for “A Day” 2nd for “Give Peace” live release.
He’s done tone other tribute to John before in the 80’s on his birthday and played in Liverpool. That medley included “A Day” but was combined with “Help” and “Strawberry Fields.”

Great selection, and so nice hearing Paul sing a John sung song. Would have been nice to have heard the whole song played but the “All we are saying….” chant by the crowd is the involvement that Paul loves. Rating – 8.5

“Let It Be”
-4th live release.
Nice, as always. Not perfect, but sweet. You are hearing the man who wrote it sing it live for you. As fans, this song makes you happy sad…. Rating – 8

“Live And Let Die”
-5th live release.
We know we are nearing the end of the regular set. The bombs are bigger, hotter and higher. Paul’s voice is good, but struggles at times. And once again, he was surprised at the last explosion and he collapses on his baby grand. We love him! Rating – 7

“Hey Jude”
-4th live release.
A song he must play, and we must sing along. His signature song, forever. By the way…..we sounded so sweet to him….again. Rating – 7.5

“Day Tripper”
-1st live release.
One of the best ass-shakers of the Beatles cannon. Just what we needed…. The bass playing is other worldly. Rating – 8

“Lady Madonna”
-4th live release.
Another one he maybe needs to do it in a whole different style… Maybe. Again, I love this song. But maybe a non-performed Wings or solo song here? Rating – 7

“I Saw Her Standing There”
-6th live release.
Billy Joel comes out and gives these balls some hair. Another song of his “I” have seen enough. Rating – 8

-5th live release.
He’s hitting the lobs pitches in batting practice of his greatest hits. Like many before, he feels he MUST play these songs for the fan whom this is their first show. Rating – 8

“Helter Skelter”
-1st live release.
OMG. You gotta be kidding me…. He fooled us all by dusting this one off and is now a every concert show. Playing bits of “Foxy Lady”on previous tours must have made him revisit this White Album gem. Weird hectic ending maybe fits the song better…. Rating – 8.5

“Get Back”
-3rd live release.
One of my favorite Macca songs, now given an extra star for how the GET BACK project is now viewed. He gets you ass back out of the chair, for one more time.. Yes, we all wanted to get back. Rating – 7.5

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”/“The End”
-3rd “Sgt. Pepper’s” and “The End” live release.

One of the best endings he has done…. He cuts and pastes between this and the full version and others. Either way…. every show must now end with “The End.” Rating – 8.5

Overall this album by Paul rates as 7.53/10.

If you have never seen Paul live, or never watched a DVD of his live concerts, or never listened to a CD of any of his live releases, then this is a good place to start. Paul is always worth seeing, but just not as much on this release if you have seen him multiple times over the span of 40+ years (1976-2017 for me..)

By tvnpsl

Woke up by my folks on February 7th, 1964 and sat in front of the TV and told "this would be important."
Like many, my life was never the same same after the first strains of "All My Loving." Love all things Beatles, but have always been drawn to the ethic and output of Paul.

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